‘Virginity Is a Social Construct’: Miley Cyrus’ Video Trashes Female Sexuality

July 2nd, 2019 11:50 AM

Pop sweetheart Miley Cyrus’ new video for her song “Mother’s Daughter” is intended to be a new age anthem of female expression and freedom. Is it any wonder that it comes off as completely unnerving and a little hellish?

Ms. Cyrus’ ode to feminism and inclusivity is a bad acid trip of strange sexuality, including blood red latex, teeth-lined female codpieces, wheelchair bound trans women, aggressive gyrating, and quotes such as “Virginity is a social construct.”

The music video premiered July 2, and features an angry and abortion-obsessed Cyrus, wearing red latex and grinding on the floor with her tongue out (no surprise there). What is surprising is that Cyrus thinks that all the BDSM imagery and body mods which follow are convincing anyone that she’s in control and that this is what women want, as her lyrics insist.

The chorus line about sums it up: “So-so, so don't fuck with my freedom, I came back to get me some. I'm nasty, I'm evil. Must be something in the water or that I'm my mother's daughter.”

Granted, it’s no thesis, but rather an “F you” to viewers who aren’t completely in love with this trendy brand of anarcho-feminism. The sexuality is unrestrained throughout the rest of the video. Quotes flash across the screen such as “Every woman is a riot,” and the patriarchy-bashing “Virginity is a social construct.”

It’s worth noting also that the line “Don’t fuck with my freedom,” is also the tagline for her recent cake-devouring Planned Parenthood fundraiser.

In early June, Cyrus announced a partnership with designer Marc Jacobs to sell pro-abortion sweatshirts printed with that line. The proceeds from the sales were given to Planned Parenthood.

Speaking of virginity, mixed in with all the depravity is a woman crowned with gold roses, nursing a child in what’s clearly a depiction of the Virgin Mary. It’s unclear what exactly the producers were going for, though it seems that the point is Mary’s standard of womanhood is no greater than that of the transgenders and sexually-liberated woman in the following shots. It’s grotesque.

Further lyrics include, “Hallelujah, I’m a witch, I’m a witch, Hallelujah!” or “Hallelujah, I’m a freak, I’m a freak, Hallelujah!” as Cyrus struts around with a codpiece that represents a vagina with teeth. She also sings, “So back up, back up, back up, back up, boy.” Fair warning for any dude with hetero inclinations.

Trans women and drag queens flash on screen with body paint that reads, “My body, my rules,” and “I am free.”

Adding to the absurdity, an obese woman is glorified in a pose reminiscent of classical art and wheelchair bound, trans “model” Aaron Philip is shown for extra inclusivity. The music video ends with Miley sitting next to her mother Tish Cyrus, as if to say, “I was raised this way. Take it or leave it.”