In recent days, the stock prices for major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have taken truly massive hits, which were partly driven by the issue of censoring conservative political speech. Last week, Facebook took a colossal $120 billion stock hit (which was the largest ever in history). And during an appearance on the Fox Business Network’s After the Bell, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell predicted that such hits were “going to get worse.”

Tras la elección presidencial de 2016, el presentador de Noticias Univisión Jorge Ramos buscó refugio en Japón, y escribió una columna en la cual mostró a la Tierra del Sol Naciente como un ejemplo cultural a seguir. Pero en 2018, algo allí le espantó, lo cual provocó otra columna pero esta vez de sermoneo.

After the 2016 presidential election, Univision senior anchor Jorge Ramos sought respite in Japan, and wrote a column depicting the Land of the Rising Sun as a cultural exemplar. In 2018, however, he found horror- which yielded another preachy column.

The liberal media love to pretend that their news cycles are dictated entirely by President Trump’s Twitter feed. It’s their number one excuse when average Americans complain they’re not covering other and arguably more important topics. But oh how quickly their fascination with his account fades when he mentions something they rather keep hidden. For Thursday’s evening broadcasts on ABC, CBS, and NBC (as well as on Spanish-language Univision and Telemundo) it was Twitter allegedly “shadow banning” conservative accounts.

La compra de lo que quedó de Gawker por parte de Univisión fue, predeciblemente, la crónica de un desastre anunciado. Informes de prensa ahora sugieren que la calamidad efectivamente le llegó a la cadena de medios hispanoparlante más grande del país.

El presentador de Noticias Univisión Jorge Ramos presentó otra pieza de propaganda a favor del control de armas. El informe especial transmitido por Fusion, Generation Gun, mostró a cinco jóvenes con posturas a ambos lados del debate por la tenencia de armas de fuego en Estados Unidos. El conversatorio, que trató las armas, las escuelas, los tiroteos y el control de armas, fue bastante equilibrado- especialmente tratándose de un especial de Jorge Ramos.

Univision’s Jorge Ramos has filmed yet another paean to gun control. This one, carried by Fusion, featured teens on both sides of gun control. The special report, subtly titled “Generation Gun”, featured Jorge Ramos as he sat down with five teens from different backgrounds and discussed guns, schools, shootings, and gun control. The conversation was, for a Ramos venture, remarkably balanced.

The exchange between anchor Félix de Bedout and U.S. Senator Robert Menéndez on the nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the United States Supreme Court, aired on a recent episode of Unvision's public affairs show Al Punto, is emblematic of what must change at Univision’s news division if there is to be an honest effort to engage U.S. Hispanics from all walks of life.

Ha caído el arquitecto. La sacudida en Univisión continúa y le llegó la hora al director ejecutivo de Contenido, Isaac Lee, convirtiéndose así en la próxima salida de alto perfil en el asediado gigante mediático.

Fresh off off her stunning Democratic congressional primary victory over entrenched incombent Joe Crowley (NY-14), Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez appeared on Univision's Sunday public affairs show, Al Punto- an interview as predictable for its fawning as for the candidate's struggle to articulate preferred policy outcomes.

Univision’s purchase of the remnants of the Gawker group was, predictably, the chronicle of a disaster foretold. Media reports now suggest that this disaster has, in fact, arrived for the nation’s largest domestic Spanish-language network.

Friday, a joint study was released by the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy. Also contributing were members of the Northeastern University’s School of Journalism. In short, the researchers poured over five years of philanthropic data only to discover that conservative magazines receive less than a quarter of what liberal magazines bring in.