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Corinne Weaver works as a senior analyst for the Media Research Center. As the Joe and Betty Anderlik Fellow, her coverage on tech censorship, media bias, and pro-life issues have been cited by many in the conservative movement. Corinne’s work has been featured in Fox News, the Guardian, LifeSiteNews, and the Federalist. Before her current position, Corinne graduated from Christendom College with bachelor’s degrees in English and History.


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Trevor Noah is once again hoping that people won’t see him as an angry talk show host. He’s just here to offer some “perspective.” In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter’s Scott Feinberg,  the host of The Daily Show gave a synopsis of his life story and also explained what he brought to the Daily Show, formerly hosted by Jon Stewart.

Dr. Sara Imershein doesn’t want to convince you that abortion is right. She just wants you to know that “scientific evidence says that keeping it safe, legal, and available is good for public health.” The OB-GYN had an interview with Marie Claire writer Stephanie Russell-Kraft where she explained how her role as an abortionist with the Falls Church Healthcare Center helped her to carry out her duties as a doctor.



Typically when the “bleep” sound is heard on television, it means that someone used an expletive or took something to the extreme. But not for Broad City, the Comedy Central show co-created by Ilana Glazer. On that show, when you hear the bleep, it means someone said the word “Trump.” The horror.

After an election year with a Republican president win, network television is finally rethinking its approach to entertainment media. When ABC Entertainment president Channing Dungey spoke at the 2017 Banff World Media Festival  Monday, she revealed that the upcoming reboot of Roseanne would allow comedian Roseanne Barr to “speak honestly” about the POTUS.


While much of the Tony Awards Ceremony was focused at either Trump or the actual Broadway plays, one of the nominees used the event as a reason to show her “celebration of Planned Parenthood.” Huffington Post reporter Jenavieve Hatch gushed over the star’s attempt to make her public appearance political.



It’s been 25 years since Ice Cube graced society with his album Death Certificate, an album that was noted for its anti-Semitic and racist overtones. However, the rapper has decided that now is the time to have a celebratory re-release in honor of the achievement, with three new songs on the album. The former member of N.W.A. interviewed with Rolling Stone’s Kory Grow last week, explaining his reasons for the release. The original album was meant to speak “loudly about mistreatment of African-Americans.” Most of the songs involved a gritty outlook on what it meant to be African-American in that era. Shortly after Death Certificate was released in 1991, the L.A. riots began.


Trevor Noah, host of late-night talk show The Daily Show, would like to inform his audience that he actually “exists beyond” Trump. If his statements of facts “happen to be a thorn in his side, then that’s a byproduct.”

CNN reported today that trans man Trystan Reese “is not just a guy with a beer belly.”  He’s a man who is in his third trimester of pregnancy. The trans man, who, according to CNN reporters Carma Hassan and Dakin Andone, “was assigned the female gender at birth,” apparently never wanted to change his body parts.


While most celebs are focusing on the Comey hearing, comedian Amy Poehler is still upset that Trump won. Five months after the election. In her acceptance speech at the Women of the Year Awards, hosted by Glamour Magazine, Poehler mentioned that the United States this year “was all about undeserved wins.” Her reference to Trump was inevitable and unmistakeable as she launched into an imitation of the POTUS at the ceremony that took place in the U.K. last night.


Following the trend of blaming Trump for literally everything bad that’s happening in the U.S. and beyond, Vox contributor Julia Belluz has come up with yet another reason Trump is evil: the POTUS is giving the public “a tense political moment that might actually sicken people.” Belluz  interviewed David Williams, a professor from Harvard who co-authored a study on why anxiety and stress are “on the rise.” Williams attributed the health phenomenon to the hostility in the political environment, which is affecting people so much that premature births, deaths, and heart disease are spiking in statistics.


Billionaire George Soros donated at least $10.5 million to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. But the two families are chummy beyond that and they don’t even try to hide it. 
Soros’ son Alexander posted a selfie of himself with Chelsea Clinton on his Instagram Story on Tuesday. The photo was taken at the Gordon Parks Foundation June 6 gala, which, according to the website, honored specific “individuals who have enriched our lives.” The younger Soros was one of the honorees.
He captioned the selfie with Chelsea and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, as a #familyphoto, and thanked them for “enduring the night with me."

While many people would like to attribute misogyny, climate change, and terrorism to the POTUS, BuzzFeed reporters are here to tell you that Trump is causing your child to bully or be bullied. In a report released on Tuesday, BuzzFeed News “confirmed more than 50 incidents, across 26 states, which a K-12 student involved Trump’s name or message in an apparent effort to harass a classmate.” Since the news source had no statistics to cite, they reviewed bullying reports that were submitted to the Documenting Hate project, set up by ProPublica.

Chelsea Handler is against violence of all kinds. Except when it comes to death threats directed at Trump. The talk show host recently gave an interview with Hollywood Reporter, since she is the honoree for the Brady Center Bear Awards gala which will take place on Wednesday. Handler is being honored for her work with the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence. She told the reporter that she identifies as an activist for anti-gun legislation.

Al Franken, the so-called ‘Giant of the Senate,’ can’t be seen with Bill Maher. It might ruin his public persona. The senator for Minnesota cancelled his Friday appearance amid the scandal surrounding the HBO star’s use of the n word that occurred while Republican Senator Ben Sasse was on his show. Does Franken think the same thing will happen to him?

Both Refinery29 and The Leftovers creator Damon Lindelof want a very specific addition to the television industry in order to solve the problem of female objectification. They want to “normalize male nudity on television,” according to Lindelof.


Refinery29 writer Britni de la Cretaz defended the statement made by saying that this addition would lead to “less objectifying nude images of women, and more positive visuals overall.” However, it is not clear how showing more and more images of naked men would enhance respect for women. In addition, part of this appeal seems to involve a call for more depictions of gay sex on television, which would evidently enhance the quality of entertainment offered to the American public.

Imagine a universe where the Christian God and pagan gods coexist as flawed entities. Then imagine the story revolves around immigration and the supposed terrors of gun culture. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Starz’ American Gods. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly’s Marc Snatiker, Michael Green, a showrunner and producer of the series, explained the plot of one of the latest episodes, which, according to the writer, addressed the question, “What does it actually mean to be an American?”

Why must all comedies and comedians aim at political satire in order to stay relevant?


In another predictable attempt to make politics the center of the entertainment industry, Syfy and the makers of Sharknado are releasing another episode in the series: “Sharknado 5: Make America Bait Again”.


Roger Waters thinks Trump is “a piggy bank of war.” And he’s planning to tell the country. The former Pink Floyd bassist and singer decided to take down Trump as a “despot, dictator, thief and ne’er do well” in his concert show “Us + Them,” set to tour the States. In the past, his lyrics have been aimed at Trump but at the same time, he has never reached this level of extreme political protest before. In a Rolling Stone review of the rehearsal, his antics were referenced to as “stunning.”


Jim Carrey defended Kathy Griffin’s photo stunt yesterday at his premiere of the Showtime series, “I’m Dying Up Here.” His advice to her? “Hold up a severed leg as well.” In an article put out by People Magazine, Carrey shrugged off Griffin’s gruesome photo.


Planned Parenthood just discovered a law in New York that throws a wrench in their structure. The state has a mandate that “forces women . . . to give birth to babies who will die in their first moments of life.” Such a statute will apparently cause more suffering in abortion clinics.

The law caused problems for one couple, Erica Christensen and Garin Marshall, whose baby would have suffocated from the effects of natural birth. A C-section was needed, but instead, the couple opted to fly out to Colorado and terminate the pregnancy. In her article, “How Many More Women Will Suffer at the Hands of New York’s Outdated Abortion Law?,” Jezebel contributor Prachi Gupta complained that the law in New York that bans late-term abortions, except in cases of the imminent death of the mother, does not allow the euthanasia-minded Planned Parenthood to kill infants in the womb who are already doomed to die.