Newsweek Headline: ‘People Will Die If Trump Kills ObamaCare’

November 1st, 2017 9:41 AM

Hollywood will do anything to clutch onto the last shreds of the Obama administration. Just ask Alyssa Milano.

Newsweek reported that actress Alyssa Milano, former HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius, and actor Bradley Whitford are out to sell ObamaCare. Or as Newsweek puts it: “Get people signed up for insurance through, even as President Donald Trump tries to get ObamaCare to flatline.”

Sebelius told Newsweek that people will die if they don’t sign up for ObamaCare: “I don’t think there’s any question that if people lose their insurance coverage, there will definitely be some preventable deaths.” Is that how she is trying to sell it?

Here’s the Newsweek headline from the website: “People Will Die If Trump Kills Obamacare, So Get it While You Can, These Big Names Say.” 

Alyssa Milano preached a conspiracy theory: “It’s quite clear that Trump and his friends in Washington don’t want people to sign up for healthcare. That’s why they’ve taken so many steps to make sure people don’t get the information they need to enroll. We can make sure they don’t get what they want. We can make sure people get the facts and sign up for affordable health coverage.”

What facts? Fortune reported that ObamaCare Plans are far too expensive for the middle class to afford. According to Fortune “middle-income families are being forced to pay a lot, if not most, of the premiums themselves. They are not just expensive, they are overpriced for what you get.” Affordable only if you make millions and avoid paying taxes, right Alyssa?

Part of the reason so many people voted for Trump was because they were sick of paying so much money for healthcare.