Alec Baldwin Calls Trump ‘a Blind And Drunk Guy At the Controls of A Train’

SNL’s Alec Baldwin is trying to salvage his reputation. At least, with his liberal followers.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, where the actor tried to promote his satirical book, written in the voice of his character, a parody of Trump, he instead chose to rip on Trump instead. After all, straight up insults are easier (and classier) than the subtler art of satire. The nicest thing that could be said? “I mean, Trump is like a blind and drunk guy at the controls of a train.”  Given that Baldwin himself has toyed with the idea of running for office, it’s possible the political situation could be worse.

Some of the more brilliant things he said included, “Trump is someone who is never going to be satisfied with anything that upsets him.” So is Alec Baldwin frequently satisfied with things that upset him, since he chooses to make this criticism?

Baldwin is no longer worried about his impression of Trump being “too cuddly.” He re-assured Rolling Stone, “We make Trump just absolutely bitter and as miserable as can be.” Of such things are heroes made. When asked if there was anything nice he could say about the President, Baldwin said, “Maybe he really is a good, loving father. I don't know. That might be the one thing I can give him, and, other than that, no, there is nothing he has done that I admire.” It’s a pity no one can say the same for Baldwin, since he has been accused of being a terrible father to his daughter Ireland, whom he called a “pig” in a voicemail in 2007.

Coming from the actor who blamed the Weinstein victims for remaining silent in the past 3 decades, it’s hard to take him seriously. Especially since actress Rose McGowan, one of Weinstein’s accusers, took him down on Twitter, calling him a “scum bucket” for deriding the Weinstein victims, especially given his past of “bullying women.”  

But even though the bar in Hollywood is at its lowest yet, Baldwin took the time to tell the readers that the political bar is also low: “Just to add to that is that, the bar is so low. With Trump, the bar is basically in the dirt, and the Republican Party is to blame for this. The bar can't get any lower with Trump so even the slightest modification would have potentially reaped him huge dividends.”

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