Jon Stewart Questions Trump Voters: ‘What the F***, Man?’

November 8th, 2017 2:43 PM

Put three liberal late night talk shows in one room, and what do you get? A lot of political hate.

That’s what happened at the 11th Annual Stand Up for Heroes benefit, according to The Daily Beast. Jon Stewart, Trevor Noah, and John Oliver all had plenty to say about the president, that, presumably, they thought the audience would find funny. Stewart particularly enjoyed assaulting the image of Trump voters: “We put our dick in the toaster and we’re all waiting to see what happens. What the fuck, man?”

As if the rhetoric surrounding the controversial Charlottesville incident wasn’t stale enough, Stewart piled extensive ‘jokes’ on the subject, telling the crowd, “Remember the good ol’ days when we were just worried about neo-Nazis marching through Charlottesville? That freaked me the fuck out.” This is a far cry from the person who told the media to “stop smearing Trump voters as bigots” a year ago.

He also cracked a joke that his aging was due to President Trump. Later, he slammed people who voted for Obama and then voted for Trump: “You know who I want to vote for is that very staid, professorial gentleman from Kenyan birth who has an articulate sense and is a bit standoffish, that’s the guy that I really love. But since he’s not running this year ...  I’m gonna check out the ‘grab ‘em by the pussy’ candidate.”

Trevor Noah told the audience that after attending the opening of the Obama Foundation, he realized how much he missed Obama. “I watched [Obama’s speech] and I was like, oh yeah, sentences, wow.” He then said that he wouldn’t be surprised if Trump just resigned in another year: “And he would just walk out of the White House and say, ‘Unlike most presidents, I did it in half the time, folks.’”

John Oliver made a bleak comparison, according to the Beast: he “compared loving America under Trump to being in love with a girl throwing up on herself. ‘Just holding her hair back saying, ‘shh, let it all out. You just made a mistake, that’s all. You can’t repeat this mistake, though, otherwise you become less sympathetic.’’”