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In liberal billionaire Tom Steyer’s ideal world, his taxes would be raised, the coal industry would be no more and President Donald Trump would be impeached. “I am strongly opposed to even one more penny in [tax] cuts for rich people and corporations,” the prominent Democrat donor and activist declared in an Los Angeles Times op-ed Oct. 5.

Liberal climate activist Tom Steyer -- the largest Democrat donor -- wants impeaching President Donald Trump to be a “defining issue” during the 2018 election. This week, Steyer sent a letter demanding Congressional Democrats pledge support to impeaching Trump, The New York Times reported Oct. 11, 2017.

A George Soros-funded nonprofit is seeking to help fill the local journalism void, by bringing more liberal journalism to town. Starting with Illinois.

Liberals like to pretend sexual predators are never liberal themselves. Just ask Anthony Weiner about how wrong that is. The latest example involves Hollywood A-list producer Harvey Weinstein and allegations of nearly three decades of sexual harassment, according to The New York Times.

The news media have long promoted left-leaning tax analysis by dressing up liberal tax groups as “nonpartisan.” Most recently, print media and the networks have appealed to the liberal Tax Policy Center (TPC) to criticize President Donald Trump’s tax plan.

The number of Americans who see a connection between manmade climate change and hurricanes grew dramatically in the past 12 years. Given Al Gore, climate alarmists and the liberal media’s persistent climate alarmism throughout that time, it’s no wonder.

NFL sponsors are feeling pressure to respond after more than 200 players, coaches and team owners knelt in protest during the anthem on the weekend of Sept. 23. While most NFL sponsors have so far not ended their sponsorships, at least three organizations have reacted and others are being pressured.

The broadcast networks were in an uproar in June when President Donald Trump said he would withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement, but omitted a new study showing Paris Agreement predictions overstated Earth’s warming.

Stocks continued a record-setting rise, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average closing at its 41st record high since President Donald Trump’s election. As the records piled up, the liberal broadcasts networks often ignored or downplayed stock market gains. That was true again on Sept. 19, when ABC World News with David Muir and NBC Nightly News omitted the new high from their programs. CBS Evening News brought up the rising stock market, but didn’t specific cite the day’s record.

Left-wing environmental groups peddle global warming alarmism all the time, especially during major hurricane devastation. Turns out those same green groups saw a lot of the other kind of green in the past two years -- $341 million in donations to just seven organizations.

Celebrities often claim to be concerned about the environment, usually without changing their lavish lifestyles or pollution. During a telethon fundraiser on Sept. 12, for Harvey and Irma relief, celebrities like Beyonce linked manmade climate change to the hurricanes. But the very stars participating in the telethon burn massive amounts of carbon dioxide by their extravagant lifestyles, just as Daily Mail reported on Sept. 13.

Climate alarmist Michael Mann smeared Investor’s Business Daily (IBD) as “inhuman cretins” after it wondered if climate change would get credit for Hurricane Irma being less severe than forecast. IBD published an editorial on Sept. 11, wondering since so many tried to say Hurricane Irma would be a horrific storm because of climate change, would the same factor be invoked now?

Bill Maher seems to think only climate “deniers” own beach houses. Hurricane Irma already left more than 6 million people without power and killed at least 42 in Florida and the Caribbean. But as people anxiously awaited the storm’s Florida landfall, liberal HBO Real Time host Bill Maher could only brag that climate change “deniers all have beach houses” in the line of the storm.

Even with Texans still recovering from Hurricane Harvey and Florida residents fearing the worse ahead of Hurricane Irma, journalists seized the moment to promote climate change alarmism. New York Times, ProPublica and Newsweek journalists have been calling for Harvey, which made landfall in Texas on Aug. 25, and Irma, currently predicted to reach Florida by Sept. 9, to be blamed on or linked to manmade climate change.

Meteorologists and climatologists on Twitter criticized Newsweek Senior Writer Kurt Eichenwald after he claimed a “climate change equation” helped him make a prediction about Hurricane Irma. Eichenwald is also an MSNBC and Vanity Fair contributor and a New York Times best-selling author.

Plenty of media outlets have blamed Hurricane Harvey on climate change, but one journalist used it as an excuse to claim people who don’t agree with him on climate should be punished.

It turns out parents aren’t the only people who struggle to get kids to eat their veggies.

A multi-million dollar government effort to make school children eat healthier hasn’t worked, according to The Washington Post. But The Post left out one important detail: the Obama administration and First Lady Michelle Obama promoted the program. It was even part of her “Let’s Move!” program.

A liberal, Soros-funded group is using the Charlottesville violence as an excuse to target conservative organizations by mislabeling them “white supremacist hate groups.” This is just the latest attempt by the left to use hate lists to try and undermine conservative groups they disagree with.

ABC’s Good Morning America co-host Lara Spencer gave George and Amal Clooney a pat on the back for giving $1 million to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which has a long history of smearing conservative groups.

Apple’s $1 million donation to the anti-conservative Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) was just the beginning. Two more groups, J.P. Morgan Chase bank and the Clooney Foundation for Justice, recently announced they would pledged their own millions to that left-wing organization.