The liberal Twitterverse has been having another meltdown over the U.S. embassy moving to Jerusalem. Now many of them are continuing their narrative of Trump as head of a mob family, whose political ties to Israel, another totalitarian regime, are putting the poor Palestinian people at risk.


In the midst of the utterings of doom from Hollywood, it’s interesting to see what merits a gleeful response from celebrities.

The ongoing controversy over pornstar Stormy Daniels and President Trump has celebrities frolicking over the media’s salacious coverage of the story, the lawsuit, and the people involved. During Anderson Cooper’s Sunday interview with Stephanie Cliffords, otherwise known as Stormy Daniels, on CBS’ 60 Minutes, some of the more outspoken in Hollywood hypocritically weighed in.


If you ever wonder what the crazed feminists in Hollywood are up to these days, wonder no more. They’re raising money for abortions. On February 1, the Lady Parts Justice League, (founded by Daily Show creator Lizz Winstead) held a “telethon,” called Life Is a Living Nightmare: A Telethon to Fix It

Feminists are taking things a little too far these days. Of course, pro-abortion was always extreme, but having Donald Trump as a president was apparently the perfect way to trigger even more activism. At least, that’s what Daily Show creator Lizz Winstead told CNN.

In an interview with Deena Zaru, Winstead shared her thoughts on Trump, sexism, and her favorite topic: reproductive rights (read:abortion). She also addressed the infamous claim made by other members of the Daily Show, that their news was the most accurate. In her words, “You could fact check our show and it would be correct. Is it all the news you need? No. But, is it accurate? Yeah.”


Ultra-liberal Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead appeared on Thursday’s Hardball to declare how she’s “thrilled” with a star-studded concert in Miami, set to compete with the presidential inauguration, which won’t be an act of, say, unity for the country, but one of “solidarity” with “people who literally don't want to watch this person get sworn in.” Winstead also expressed glee that President-elect Donald Trump has been unable to attract A-list celebrities for his inauguration seeing as how he plans to “literally destroy the lives” of celebrities who are “women, black and brown...[or] immigrants.”

Comedian and Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead threw a hissyfit when initially Apple rejected her feminist app “Hinder,” a satirical rip-off of the dating app “Tinder”: it allows a user to swipe “anti-women” politicians, much like Tinder users can reject potential dates they find objectionable.

Apple has since backed away from its initial ban on the app after Winstead went and whined to the Daily Beast that she was “short-shrifted” by the company.

Cosmo loves to highlight women like The Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead: sex-obsessed, profane, offensive and unabashedly pro-abortion. 

In an article published July 30, the women’s magazine lauded Winstead for potentially sacrificing her career in order to be a “USO of reproductive rights, visiting clinics and boosting the morale of the ‘troops.’” After all, her “vocal advocacy for reproductive rights can make it more difficult to get mainstream work.” Yes, you read that correctly.

Daily Show co-creator, writer and comedian Lizz Winstead is shocked, simply shocked by what goes on at abortion clinics. More specifically, what she saw outside one. She tweeted, “This is real. This is happening every clinic in America,” in response to a picture put out by LPJ League.

In a segment on Tuesday's Hardball with Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead, MSNBC's Chris Matthews insisted that as was the case with the late Johnny Carson, he couldn't tell where exactly late-night comic Dave Letterman fell on the political spectrum. 

Oh those clever, clever liberals. In the recent YouTube release of her documentary, “Smear Campaign”, Lizz Winstead tells pro-lifers to go f*ck themselves if they oppose Planned Parenthood. Comedy gold!

In response to the shift of taxpayers dollars away from Planned Parenthood in 2011, Winstead embarked on a comedy + abortion activism tour across the major cities in America, attempting to mix abortion boosterism with humor.

MSNBC's furor over Mike Huckabee's remarks on women and the Democrats boiled over on "Now with Alex Wagner" on Thursday afternoon. Radical feminist "comedians" Sarah Silverman and Lizz Winstead were promoted once again for their "V to Shining V" crusade for "Lady Parts Justice" -- that is, untrammeled abortion, the full Gosnell. (See previous promotional segment here.)

“It’s so bizarre,” Silverman said about Huckabee's remarks, smelling careerism and  insincerity. “When a politician is speaking on behalf of those people who are pulling their strings, for their purse and for their, um, the betterment of their career, it’s gross. I’m just an actress and when I speak out politically it does not help my career at all.” Silverman babbled and rambled about how sperm can smell, leaving Lizz Winstead to look like the articulate side of the Left.

On Monday's All In with Chris Hayes, host Hayes for a second time griped over Fox News giving attention to reports of primarily black teens playing a "knockout game" in which they target white victims for violence, suggesting that the game does not really exist.

As he awarded his choice for the "over-covered" and "under-covered" news stories for the year, Hayes began: