Can’t Touch This! Hollywood Struggles To Hurt Amy Coney Barrett’s Reputation

October 13th, 2020 3:59 PM

Supreme Court Justice Nominee Amy Coney Barrett is just too good. Not only is she a God-fearing conservative with pro-life views and seven children, she’s the reached the heights of career success that most secular liberal women only dream of.

She has an impeccable record both privately and professionally and it’s clear that the media is unable to get a bead on her. The typical hyenas in Hollywood can’t touch her. Most of the usual politically-active Twitter celebs haven’t even attempted to ding Amy Coney Barrett, and the few who have dared attack her, their barbs have completely bounced off the SCOTUS nominee.

One notorious far left comedian even had to compliment Barrett on her  intelligence, and the only joke she could make is that the potential Justice is probably smarter than Trump. Perhaps Hell is freezing over a little today.

The View harpy Joy Behar appeared flummoxed over Judge Barrett, or perhaps she’s just that tired from being so partisan all the time. In a mild tweet, the only attack Behar could muster against Barrett was that perhaps Trump couldn’t understand the legalese that she had been speaking during the hearing.

The comedian tweeted, “Watching Amy C. Barrett. Smart lady, for sure. I wonder if Trump understands what she’s saying.” Oh take that, Orange man. By the way, the compliment for Barrett is remarkable and unheard of from the lady who smeared Justice Brett Kavanaugh as the GOP’s SCOTUS tool for “white power.”

Daily Show co-creator and abortion-worshipping activist Lizz Winstead mustered up one lame quip about Barrett being a liar during her confirmation hearing. She tweeted, “Amy Coney Barrett's judicial philosophy is "Avoidus truthus" #SCOTUS.” 


Winstead also made fun of Barrett’s circular earrings, tweeting, “Nice to see #AmyConeyBarrett has chosen to adorn herself in Corona virus earrings. #SCOTUS.” Clearly, Winstead thinks a Flu with a high survival rate is scarier than a pro-life woman. What happened, Lizz?

Comedian Michael Ian Black tried a timid pass at Barrett and her seven children. Mocking the extended media coverage of Barrett’s large family, Black tweeted, “Does anybody know if Amy Coney Barrett has kids?” Come on, man. Where’s the unhinged expletive-laden rant? After all, Barrett only adopted two African American children, not three.

Angel of Trump effigy death, comedian Kathy Griffin took a swing and characteristically missed with her insult to Amy Coney Barrett. The redhead tweeted an image of the nominee holding up a notepad with nothing written on it, and captioned it with, “Judge Amy Coney Barrett holds up photo of her brain scan.” Yeah sure. Barrett graduated Notre Dame Law School at the top of her class and she’s deftly handling her confirmation hearing. And Kathy Griffin is where again?