Daily Beast: March for Lifers Are the 'Extremists' that Rioted at the Capitol

January 29th, 2021 5:40 PM

Today would have been the 48th March for Life in DC where hundreds of thousands of pro-life Americans gather to unite against abortion. Though it is a civil event, the media is linking the Capitol rioters to the “dangerous extremists” taking part in this year's March for Life. 

Daily Beast author, co-creator of The Daily Show, and founder of the radical Abortion Access Front Lizz Winstead wants to “stop the madness” of the pro-lifers. She thinks the March for Life is an act of terrorism and all pro-lifers are “fanning flames” just like the Capitol rioters. Winstead also claimed that March for Lifers were the same “extremists” that sieged the Capitol January 6. 

COVID forced the March for Life to take place virtually this year but Winstead still thinks their web-based stream poses imminent danger:

“Going online still means speaker after March for Life speaker will poison the virtual civility well, defining abortion as a ‘holocaust’ and comparing it to slavery. They will perpetuate to millions the lies that doctors ‘rip babies from the womb’ and perform ‘post-birth abortions.’”

It’s ironic that Winstead is linking a peaceful march intended to save babies' lives to violence when the purpose of Winstead's work is to promote women’s rights to kill their unborn children. 

Bridging the Capitol riots to pro-lifers is the lefty play for the day. But, linking any lefties to the BLM/Antifa protesters is grounds for dismissal. Lefties called the BLM demonstrations last summer “mostly peaceful” protests though many of them devolved into riots across 140 cities. The act of walking around D.C. with signs (or watching virtually from their couch) apparently causes more harm than the burning of cities, deaths, and $2 billion in damages caused by the BLM riots. 

Winstead emphasizes the guilt by association weapon that is too frequently deployed by the left. She also argues that the small group of rioters at the Trump rally paint the scene for the rest of conservatives and pro-lifers in general, saying, "We need to broaden our outrage." By the same logic, shouldn’t we consider pro-choicers like Winstead the same as extremists that were at BLM rallies? After all, many pro-choice groups affiliated themselves with BLM, and that movement contributed to hundreds of violent riots. 

The Capitol riot is considered a one-smear-fits-all. Linking all conservatives, and in this case pro-life advocates, to the Capitol riot or anything affiliated with the right seems to be trending. The moral of the story: Fight for social justice. Make your voice heard. Stand for what you believe in … so long as it aligns with the left.