George Will Corrects Donna Brazile: Media Are Not Obama's Problem

George Will and Donna Brazile had a telling exchange on ABC's "This Week" Sunday.

After Will listed all the excuses President Obama makes for the poor economy, Brazile said, "I thought you were going to mention media" leading Will to smartly retort, "They're not his problem" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

GEORGE WILL: It’s hard to look like a leader when you look like Alibi Ike, the character from a Ring Lardner short-story who wasn’t a very good baseball player, but it was never his fault. This president has blamed George W. Bush, the Japanese tsunami, the Euro, Greece, the Arab Spring, Republicans, the Tea Party, and ultimately James Madison for giving us the separation of powers for all his problems. And that does not project leadership.


DONNA BRAZILE: Well, George is in rare form today. I thought you were going to mention media, George. You forget that one.

WILL: They’re not his problem!

No, they certainly aren't. As NewsBusters noted a few weeks ago:

Since the junior senator from Illinois first threw his hat into the presidential ring in February 2007, America's press have refused to hold his feet to the fire concerning any important issue facing the nation. [...]

If press members had been doing their jobs all year, the President and the Democrat leadership would have been forced to put legitimate, written counter-proposals on the table as they unceremoniously swatted aside those offered by Republicans.

Maybe then a far more encompassing piece of legislation would have been in front of Congress in July with more sweeping short and long-term cuts that would have appeased the credit rating agencies while setting the nation on a more solid fiscal course.

Instead, the media played willing accomplices to Obama and his Party with total disregard for the lack of leadership on display. As a result, we're now a double-A+ nation that appears to be heading towards a double-dip recession.

Suffice to say the Obama-loving Brazile doesn't see it that way.

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