NewsBusters Podcast: Stephanopoulos Toes Party Line on Election Denial

November 6th, 2023 10:32 PM

One standout segment from Sunday was ABC host George Stephanopoulos just pressing and pressing Rep. Steve Scalise demanding he say the 2020 election wasn't stolen. And he wouldn't accept "Biden's the president" as a satisfactory answer. I'd say "did you try asking Hillary this question?" He doesn't press Democrats on their election denial, even Stacey Abrams.


ABC's 'This Week' Relives Mike Johnson Dismissing Election-Denier Quiz

October 29th, 2023 10:50 PM

Ask many Republicans about ABC This Week co-host Martha Raddatz, and they recall her sounding choked up on election night 2016 when it became clear Donald Trump was going to be Hillary Clinton. That seemed partisan, and that was the case on Sunday, when it came time to cast aspersions on Republican Mike Johnson, the new Speaker of the House. 


Jon Karl FREAKS OUT at Tim Scott Saying Biden Has 'Blood on His Hands'

October 22nd, 2023 10:58 PM

Leftists quite frequently trash their opponents by saying they have "blood on their hands." This is quite common in gun-control debates. The media doesn't object to the Left employing it. But on Sunday, ABC This Week host Jonathan Karl freaked out that Republican presidential candidate Tim Scott would say Biden has blood on his hands -- for the October 7 mass murder of Israelis. 


PANIC: ABC Hyperventilates Over Poll Showing Trump Beating Biden BIG

September 24th, 2023 9:50 AM

On Sunday, ABC News released a poll in conjunction with The Washington Post and the results were apocalyptically bad for Joe Biden's reelection chances against former President Donald Trump. Aside from the Jimmy Carter-like disapproval ratings on the economy and inflation, Biden is now losing to Trump by 9 points in a head-to-head matchup. Of course, ABC's This Week had a…


ABC's Karl Falsely Claims No Biden Bribery Evidence, Mace Schools Him

September 17th, 2023 10:36 AM

ABC’s This Week co-moderator Jonathan Karl showed how blinded he is by his leftist partisanship Sunday when he began arguing with South Carolina Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace that there’s no evidence to support the Biden bribery scandal. This despite the mountain of evidence that’s already been uncovered by congressional investigations into Hunter Biden that have implicated…


ABC Brings Back Fauci to Advocate for Masks & COVID Boosters

September 10th, 2023 12:08 PM

On Sunday's This Week on ABC, co-moderator Jonathan Karl dredged up the disgraced former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Tony Fauci to discuss the reported uptick in COVID cases in the United States. While Fauci didn't explicitly push for mask mandates and boosters, when pressed by Karl he did advocate for their effectiveness despite the fact that…


ABC: SHOCKING Trump Tied With Biden Despite 'Baggage'

September 3rd, 2023 11:02 AM

Despite the dismal state of the United States under President Joe Biden as well as the political prosecution of former President Donald Trump, ABC’s​ This Week anchor George Stephanopoulos was still shocked that according to a recent Wall Street Journal poll, Trump and Biden are tied in a head to head 2024 matchup. 


Ramaswamy Hammers Media's 'Deranged Mental Cultural State' on ABC

September 3rd, 2023 10:21 AM

Successful businessman and 2024 GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy has clearly had enough with the media’s games. After constant harassment by ABC This Week’s George Stephanopoulos on why he’s willing to support former President Donald Trump, Ramaswamy threw it all back in the left-wing anchor’s face. 


Biden Special Counsel Fetches 72 Mins as Trump/J6 Case Hits 373 Mins

August 14th, 2023 9:46 PM

What a difference a few days can make. Between Friday night and Monday night, the “big three” networks of ABC, CBS, and NBC chose to rediscover Hunter Biden’s life of corruption with 72 minutes and 23 seconds on their flagship morning and evening news shows and Sunday morning political programs. Add in the miniscule tally of four minutes and 50 seconds between the evening of August 1 and the…


ABC Whines About Trump Created 'Alternate Reality' on Investigations

August 13th, 2023 1:50 PM

Much like Meet the Press, ABC’s This Week was forced to discuss the special counsel investigation into Hunter Biden’s multiple crimes. This of course wasn’t without their usual caterwauling about former President Donald Trump’s indictments and the one that’s reportedly coming up later in the week. New Yorker staff writer Susan Glasser huffed that America is living in…


Nets Heap 342 Mins on Trump Indictment, 71x More Than Biden Scandals

August 8th, 2023 4:30 PM

UPDATE, 08/11, 11:25 a.m. Eastern: Few things were going to eat into the precious airtime on the flagship morning and evening newscasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC and time to spend on the third Trump indictment. But something as apocalyptic-looking as the Hawaiian wildfires did just the trick. Between Thursday night and Friday morning, the networks only added 32 seconds to the coverage tally,…


Burgum Angers ABC by Refusing to Discuss Trump, Brings Up Hunter

August 6th, 2023 10:40 AM

The media demands everyone be as obsessed with Trump as they are, and if we don’t comply, leftists like George Stephanopoulos will scold you. More evidence of this came during ABC’s This Week when co-anchor Stephanopoulos had North Dakota governor and GOP presidential candidate Doug Burgum on the show to presumably discuss his campaign and instead insisted on haranguing him about the…


IT'S JULY! ABC's Raddatz Howls Over Climate Change, Blames Humans

July 23rd, 2023 11:37 AM

ABC is so invested in the narrative that man-made climate change is real and an existential threat to the planet that they dedicated the entire A-block of their Sunday news roundtable talk show This Week to the myth that the planet is under threat from a July heatwave. Co-moderator Martha Raddatz kept her now dust-covered journalist hat on the shelf and continued wearing her left-wing…


Donna Brazile Laughably Claims Biden is the Moderate in 2024 Race

July 16th, 2023 4:17 PM

On Sunday’s edition of ABC’s This Week, disgraced former Democratic National Committee chairwoman and current ABC News contributor Donna Brazile said with a straight face that President Joe Biden is the moderate in the 2024 race for President of the United States. This is despite the fact that there has never been a more radical Democrat living in the White House.