FRC’s Perkins: Pence Anger Part of Left’s ‘Ghettofication’ of Christianity

In the wake of the petty insults leveled at Vice President Mike Pence and his wife on the part of the LGBTQ-obsessed media, Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins appeared on Fox & Friends January 21 to remind conservatives that this is not just routine slander against politicians, but reflects the left’s desire to eradicate Christian education in America.

The left claims to be outraged that Karen Pence took a job as a faculty member at Immanuel Christian School in Northern Virginia. The school mandates that those affiliated with the private institution accept it’s policy of “biblical morality,” so lefties declared Karen Pence and her husband virulent homophobes.

Fox’s Ainsley Earhardt introduced the segment, saying that, in the wake of the smearing from outlets like Huffington Post, “the hashtag #exposechristianschools began to light up social media,” as if progressives had discovered some dark secret about Christian education.

FRC President Tony Perkins explained that the anti-Pence hubbub is really about marginalizing Christian schools, because there are “Christian schools in America actually teaching that students should uphold and embrace Biblical teaching,” and that the left ultimately wants Christian teaching to be pushed into the “religious ghettos of America.”

Earhardt noted that, while Christian teaching may be anathema to liberals, “she [Karen Pence] has the right to teach there, doesn’t she? Isn’t she entitled to her beliefs, her own convictions?”

“Absolutely,” Perkins affirmed, adding that “there’s parents all across America that are sending their kids to these institutions — over ten thousand Christian schools in America, over seven thousand Christian colleges — and look parents are making great sacrifices to send their kids here.”

He added that on top of sending their children to academically sound schools, they are sending them there “to teach them the values, the moral teachings that they want their children to have. That they’re created in the image of God, therefore they have value. Yes, we’re all sinners, but we have a savior, His name is Jesus Christ … And we live according to the Word of God.”

He then pointed at the left’s obsession with this, mentioning that their outrage is “the canary in the coal mine when it comes to religious freedom. They want to push Christian education and Christian institutions into these religious ghettos in America, and bar people that are in those places to come into the public square.”



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