New Amazon Teen Survival Drama Seeks to Create Feminist 'Gynotopia'

December 21st, 2020 5:47 AM

On Friday, December 11, Amazon Prime premiered The Wilds, a new series in which a self-proclaimed feminist leaves teenage girls abandoned on an island to fend for themselves, Lord of the Flies-style. The feminist, a scientist named Gretchen Klein (Rachel Griffiths), believes that she can create a "gynotopia" free of "male domination."

Unfortunately for the girls, Klein did not let them in on her planned experiment. She and her team tricked them into getting on a plane for a retreat to Hawaii, then drugged them and left them on the deserted island instead. 

Since this is 2020, the series includes all the usual tiresome and bigoted clichés that feverishly exist in the left-wing mind. There is a pretty blonde evangelical Christian girl from Texas named Shelby Goodkind (Mia Healey) who is secretly harboring homosexual desires. Religious believers who do not celebrate all things LGBT must really be secret homosexuals, after all. To a woke leftist, there can be no other possible explanation. 

Shelby and an out lesbian on the island, Toni (Erana James), get in an argument after Toni uses an oyster shell to simulate licking a vagina in the sixth episode. When Shelby expresses disapproval, the entire group of girls gets angry at her. "Am I not allowed to have my own beliefs?" Shelby asks. Apparently not.

"You can't think the way you do," a girl responds. Another character, Fatin (Sophia Ali), later remarks that all of Shelby's hard work on the island is "trying to make-up for her Westboro Baptist moment as though that will get her uncancelled." She refers to Shelby as a "bigot."

What is even stranger in this whole interaction is how Toni and others routinely insult Shelby's Christian religion long before Shelby expresses her disagreement with lesbianism. In the very first episode, Toni says she will accompany Shelby into the woods, "To make sure Christ doesn't lead your ass into a fucking sinkhole." Fatin calls Shelby a "problematic Jesus freak." None of these young women are ever labelled a bigot by the other girls, but somehow Shelby must repent for her "hate." 

Shelby eventually develops a sexual relationship with Toni and evolves into a bold character as the first season of the series winds down. LGBT is a superpower in the woke mind. If you are an evangelical Christian who believes in biblical principles of sexuality you are an inherent "bigot," but if you atone by getting busy with another lesbian your character can be redeemed.

The show includes other anti-Christian moments. One of the characters, in a flashback, assists her terminally ill father in committing suicide while "O Holy Night" plays in the background. This is not the first time Hollywood's death cult has used Christmas hymns as accompaniment to their killing scenes. In 2015, ABC's Scandal set the main character's abortion to "Silent Night."

And, of course, the series' dialogue makes nods to racial identitarianism. When one girl unintentionally throws a rock at Fatin, who happens to be of Pakistani heritage, Fatin replies, "You need to not throw shit at unarmed brown people." Toni, who is Native American, expresses her certainty that someone will rescue them by saying, "You see how many rich white girls there are on this island? Society will never let them perish."

While checking off the LGBT and racial identity politics boxes, The Wilds also drips with radical feminist dialogue. As when Klein explains in a speech her reasons for doing what she is doing.

Klein: At the end of 12 weeks, we will have seen Gynotopia in action and have proof that it is women and not men who have a gift for creating harmonious and capable communities and that the reins of power should finally be shifted into their hands. If we endeavor...Fuck it. Fuck it. To hell with ceremony. To hell with the script. To hell with male domination that has turned this planet into a war-torn, money-hungry fireball. You know why you're here. You know why you supported us. Because ten years from now you don't want to be watching the apocalypse wishing you'd had the courage to do something insane in the name of fucking progress!

When all is said and done, the utopian matriarchy Klein imagined does not work out. Girls die, one loses a hand and others hijack precious moments of survival with petty squabbles. One character rightly suspects that they are all guinea pigs in a planned operation, but the other young women fail to believe her.

Apparently, even SJW sisterhood cannot make a radical feminist villain's delusional dreams come true.