ABC's 'The Catch' Redefines Crime Fighting 'Fun' with Sexual Depravity

Thursday night’s episode of ABC's The Catch was partially preempted by breaking news, but unfortunately, not long enough to cut off more than one brazen display of sexual depravity.

The episode, aptly named “Bad Girl,” introduces us to thief Chloe Jackson who is described by her former crime partner Rhys (John Simm), as “so sexually powerful,” magnetic, and like “cocaine, cookies and cognac.”

Apparently, she’s not that good because she needs to enlist the help of another man to aid her in her next tryst with Rhys, which happens while Rhys is helping the FBI to catch her by transferring data over the phone.

Rhys is more than happy about the man joining them, as Ben (Peter Krause), also a former thief working with the FBI, and Agent Diaz (Gina Torres) overhear more than they’d like to when Rhys leaves his cell phone connected to a call with them for data transfer purposes.

Unfortunately, we got to overhear it as well, including Rhys telling the man, “…you know it’s not polite to talk with your mouth…” and then the cell call is cut off, but we know full well what the innuendo meant.

Later, after yet another tryst, we see three people preparing to leave Rhys and Chloe’s hotel room, one woman who kisses Chloe goodbye and two men who kiss both Rhys and Chloe goodbye. The woman is an EMT and the two men are Mormons. Rhys quips, “Thanks for the book boys,” as they leave, then throws the Book of Mormon behind himself.

Ben and Agent Diaz must later pose as a married couple and meet with Rhys and Chloe to gain more information. Rhys tells them that Chloe likes “fun couples,” and that “a fun couple is a couple who has fun with other couples,” as he removes Agent Diaz’s jacket to make her appear sexier.

Apparently, Chloe hasn’t been promiscuous enough because she drops her clothes immediately after Ben and Agent Diaz arrive and starts to kiss Ben. The night is interrupted early, however, as Ben pretends that a call he received was from their nanny saying their child is sick. Chloe gives Agent Diaz a special, extra-long kiss as they say goodbye, which Agent Diaz, and Rhys and Ben, all apparently enjoyed.

Agent Diaz: Honey, shall we go?

Ben: Yes. Who knew crime fighting could be so much fun?

Agent Diaz: Are you sure you want to give all this up?

So, this is what crime fighting television shows have come to? This is the left’s idea of crime fighting “fun?” Rampant sexual depravity and perversion as a fringe benefit to being a crime fighter?

It makes me miss the days where “fun” was pure and wholesome, such as Barney Fife’s antics on The Andy Griffith show. I’ll take “old-fashioned” crime fighting over The Catch’s disturbing version any day.

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