Freeform’s dramedy The Bold Type is (unfortunately) back for another season, and it’s disappointingly more of the same extremely liberal, sex-obsessed, storylines.

Isn’t it funny how the adjective “adult” in today’s world, instead of meaning mature, is a euphemism for lude, inappropriate, and sexually promiscuous?

Way back in the Dark Ages of the Twentieth Century, if one wanted to read news about the pornography industry, he had to get a copy of Al Goldstein's Screw magazine. However, since we now live in  a much more enlightened era, one merely has to check the New York Times to find the same type of information. Such a story happened on May 5 when the New York Times published ‘Who Gets to Be Sexy?’ It is a detailed look at the current state of the porn business but since it is appearing in a liberal publication, the view is from a feminist perspective.

Only a lefty magazine would publish a story that reminisces about the glory of former White House womanizers, while lamenting sexual antics of the current president. Yeah, yeah, Donald is a boor, and Clinton, and Kennedy were charming, photogenic playboys. This is getting tedious.


Liberal media favorite Stormy Daniels is making all the right connections in the anti-Trump world. And though it seems like she’s devouring the publicity, there’s still one Trump-bashing PR event that she’s reportedly reluctant to attend: the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner.


"It's a modern changing world, Everything is moving fast. But when it comes to love I like, What they did in the past." -- The Everly Brothers, 1962. Call me old-fashioned -- and I've been called worse -- but do I sense the possible end to the sexual revolution, which exploded in the '60s and whose fallout continues today.

In the #MeToo era, many in the music industry have been producing and awarding sexually exploitive lyrics.

All three networks on Monday adopted an impatient, irritated tone with Stormy Daniel’s lawyer Michael Avenatti. Good Morning America, CBS This Morning and Today hosts complained that the porn star’s 60 Minutes interview had been a boring “tease.” Despite the disappointment, these same networks still devoted a hefty 61 minutes of combined coverage to the Stormy Daniels story on Monday. 

In a segment that seemed like it was better suited for either the Maury Show or Jerry Springer Show, anchor Brooke Baldwin spent a portion of Tuesday afternoon’s CNN Newsroom flaunting the raunchy details of alleged sexual activity with President Trump by a duo of porn stars. Everything from polygraph tests to alleged unprotected intercourse and alleged proposition for a threesome were laid bare during the program.

As documented on NewsBusters, CNN has a porn problem and bizarre obsession with describing the sexual escapades of porn actress Stormy Daniels and seeking sultry details of an alleged affair with President Trump. Tuesday’s The Situation Room showed this infatuation as the panel circled the wagons after a tweet by Daniels about her “NOT going anywhere.”

One could say that it was late on a Friday afternoon, but then again, this is MSNBC’s Deadline: White House and liberal Republicans offering fear-mongering prognostications are nothing new. On the March 16 edition, host Nicolle Wallace led a band of MSNBC Republicans as each offered assessments ranging from bragging about smearing Sarah Palin to arguing the President’s tariffs will cause a depression to ironically complaining about having to discuss porn. 

During his political-centric monologue on Thursday night, “America’s Conscience” and ABC’s late night host Jimmy Kimmel quipped that he’s “never wanted to see and not see anything more than I either do or do not want to see” a Donald Trump-Stormy Daniels sex tape and lobbied for donations to her legal defense fund so any sex tape(s) and/or explicit photo(s) can be made public.