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Kristine Marsh is an analyst for the Media Research Center's News Analysis Division. She formerly was a staff writer for MRC Culture, where she started as an intern in January of 2013.  Kristine's work has been featured by media outlets such as Fox News, The Wall Street JournalThe Washington Times, The Blaze, and Breitbart, among others. She is originally from Sacramento, California where she received her B.A. in English from CSUS in 2011. She can be reached through email at

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Immediately following a segment where John Stewart criticized “Grubergate” as “pretty slimy” the liberal talk show host went on to call out a point of hypocrisy with Dem. House minority leader Nancy Pelosi.

When Pelosi denied pregnant, double amputee Veteran Rep. Tammy Duckworth the right to vote from home this past midterm election, she said allowing that would set “an unwanted precedent.” However, Stewart wasn’t buying it. 

The liberal talk host doesn’t buy ‘precedent’ excuse over Duckworth vote.

While many attention-seeking celebrities would agree with the statement, “bad press is still press,” professional golfer Tiger Woods apparently does not. And he has good reason. A recent article in Golf Digest, which included photos of an actor posing as the golfer and a fake interview with the fictional golfer, was “really more like a grudge-fueled piece of character assassination,” according to Woods.

He called the ethics and integrity of Golf Digest into question with his response just published on Derek Jeter’s website, “The Players’ Tribune,” Nov. 18.

Athlete calls Golf Digest’s media ethics and integrity into question.

Question: if there’s no such thing as a slut, how can anyone be guilty of “slut-shaming?” 

Don’t dismiss it as one of those timeless philosophical conundrums (ie. “Which came first, the slut or the shamer?”). The answer is an important key to navigating the shoals of perpetual feminist outrage.

Media praise viral feminist video claiming there are no sluts.

Maybe it is possible to parody modern feminists.

Tuesday was Veteran’s Day, and what better way for liberal D.C. to celebrate and honor veterans, then by bringing in a slew of uber-liberal celebrities to co-opt the family-friendly holiday in a concert filled with anti-war and profanity-ridden songs? 

Well that’s exactly what happened at HBO’s “Concert for Valor” last night on the National Mall, where Obama favorites like Bruce Springsteen, David Grohl (“Foo Fighters”), Rihanna and Eminem led the show. 

In the liberal bastion that is Hollywood, you would think that vapid celebrities could rattle off empty left-wing political jargon with ease. Not in all cases. Liberal talk show host Bill Maher asked a Hollywood actress a question about one of the left’s pet talking points, and was met with utter confusion.

From the ‘Shut Up and Sing’ File ...

Earlier this week, Discovery Channel announced it would air a reality TV special December 7 called “Eaten Alive” in which filmmaker Paul Rosolie would let himself be swallowed by an anaconda, then make it out alive, without harm to him or the snake. Discovery Channel hoped the publicity stunt would boost slow Sunday night TV ratings.

Well, the ever-sensitive animal rights group PETA (“People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals”) didn’t like news that one bit. PETA released a statement condemning the stunt and urging Discovery Channel to drop the special.

Oscar Wilde famously wrote about a Dickens character: “One must have a heart of stone to read the death of little Nell without laughing.” And you’d have to have a heart of stone not to read the post-election tweets of liberal celebrities without at least a schadenfreude-tastic giggle.

 Really, Hollywood’s election reaction has rarely been more entertaining. Daily Show writer Lizz Winstead moaned, “Republicans win control of your body.” Bette Midler tweeted bitterly, “We can look forward to unregulated banks, no health care, filthy air and oceans, and WAR, WAR, AND MORE WAR. Thanks, folks!” 

 Now here comes Lucas Neff, star of Fox’s “Raising Hope,” whose post-election tweets prove he’s second to none in the Celebrity Chicken Little Sweepstakes.

Celebrity lib not raising much hope post-election.

If there was ever a clear-cut example of the blatant bias the media shows to favor homosexuals and demonize Christians, this would be it. One of the stars of Amazon’s streaming television show “Orange is the new black” had it out in a shouting match with a preacher on the New York City subway Tuesday morning. The video was uploaded last night and has gone viral, thanks no doubt to the media’s fawning headlines.

Preaching is ‘awesome’ when it’s slamming Christians and praising gays.

Liberal comedian Jon Stewart makes it his mission every major election year to spread easily-disproven lies about the voting process and the Republican agenda, and this year was no different. On the Nov. 3 “Democalypse 2014” segment, the topic in question was voter ID laws or “voter suppression laws,” as Stewart called them. 

Stewart’s go-to “expert” was MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry whose ridiculous talking points served as the “evidence” Stewart needed to suggest Republicans are racist and anti-women for making voters prove they are actually allowed to vote.

What if they gave a war on women and nobody came? Liberals may be in the process of finding out.

In 2012, Democrats and their media parrots made hay accusing conservatives of waging a “war on women.” This election cycle, they’re doubling down. Their demands for “women’s rights” are more aggressive, expansive, and extreme as they look for any club to beat back possibly decisive losses November 4. 

But that may be backfiring. A recent October AP-GfK poll revealed that more women are shifting to support Republican candidates this election. The poll revealed 44 percent of women prefer a Republican Congress, while 42 percent prefer Democrat. That’s a nine point increase since September, which is crucial as November elections draw nearer.

Suggests a Texas ‘Planned Parenthood food truck;’ ’Get a Taco and a Pap Smear.’

Two terror attacks occurred Oct. 22. Both resulted in multiple casualties, and in each case, one innocent was killed. Both were the work of young Islamic men. But, while the network opened up their evening news broadcasts with one of the incidents, they completely ignored the other.

The leading story of the night was the attack on the Canadian Parliament building and the War Memorial in Ottawa. The networks rightly gave the Canadian terror attack story plenty of attention. Yet none of the evening news broadcasts mentioned an attack that occurred at the same time in Jerusalem.

Despite approximately 77 percent of the population identifying as Christian, the media often couldn't care less when the government infringes on the rights of Christians.

It’s evident because a week has passed since Fox News reported that openly lesbian Houston mayor Annise Parker issued subpoenas against five Houston pastors to submit their sermons to the city government, as punishment for speaking against a newly passed transgender rights bill, and the networks have still yet to report.