View's Hostin Moves Goalposts: Collusion Unimportant, Hacking Calls Trump's 'Legitimacy' Into Question

After melting down Monday, View co-hosts Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin were still refusing to admit that Mueller found no collusion, on Tuesday’s show. A shell shocked Behar expressed confusion that the findings didn’t turn out how she had hoped, while Hostin moved the goalposts, arguing that Trump was an illegitimate president even if he wasn’t guilty of collusion.

Whoopi started the show, reading a tweet from President Trump calling out the media’s role in hyping this investigation. While the hosts bristled at Trump calling the media the “enemy of the people,” Behar defended the media as only reporting the facts.

“How could you not think there was collusion going on? We were watching him in real time. He took the word of Putin over intelligence agencies in Helsinki. His son had a meeting at Trump Tower,” she exclaimed.

Whoopi cut in to falsely claim that the Trump Tower meeting was “what started” the whole Russia investigation to begin with.

Sunny Hostin, like Behar, still unable to face the facts, sneered that the White House was “spinning” the report to say “no collusion.” Hostin gushed that it didn’t matter whether or not Trump colluded with Russia to influence the election; Trump was still guilty of being an “illegitimate” president because Russia did meddle:

The White House is spinning it, no collusion, no conspiracy with Russia. What the report did find is that the Russians did, indeed, interfere with our election, with our process of democracy. And that calls into question the very legitimacy of this presidency. And I know they don’t want to talk about that but that was a finding. Mueller did not exonerate this presidency….We really do not know what is in the Mueller report.

Does Hostin realize that by saying this, she’s also calling into question the legitimacy of President Obama’s election? Multiple reports have found both Romney and Obama’s campaigns were hacked into by the Russians and Russia tried to influence the outcome of the 2012 election as well. In 2008, both McCain and Obama's campaigns were hacked again by the Chinese. This is nothing new.

As former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice pointed out to her in a 2017 appearance on the show, Russia has been meddling into our elections for a long time, yet this is the first time the media are using their meddling as a scapegoat to oust President Trump from office.

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