‘View’ Invites Openly Gay Dem Buttgieg to Scold ‘Religious Right,’ Pence for Backing Trump

March 22nd, 2019 4:02 PM

Several 2020 candidates have appeared on the ABC talk show The View, and South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttgieg was back Friday for the second time on the show since it's been rumored he will announce his run for president. The mayor is openly gay, Christian and quickly rising on the media’s monitor. He received a warm welcome at the View’s hot topics table as they invited him to attack religious Republicans who supported President Trump as hypocrites. 

However, not one host asked the Democrat how he could support his party’s enthusiastic support of abortion while maintaining his Christian faith.

As he came on the show, co-host Joy Behar rejoiced that Buttigieg was being compared to Barack Obama.

“He's being hailed as the one to watch in election 2020 and even being compared to Barack Obama. Wow, that's something. The second coming of Obama, huh? We'll see about that. My prayers may have been answered if that's true,” she gushed.

After some praise from Meghan McCain, Sunny Hostin asked the mayor about his criticism of Mike Pence recently, where he questioned whether he had “stopped believing in Scripture” for supporting President Trump, despite his scandal with a porn star. She invited the Democrat to critique religious conservatives as a whole, as hypocrites for voting for Trump:

“The religious right believe they have the cornerstone on morality, yet they have backed this president. And you've called him I think the porn president at one point,” she gushed. As he objected, she moved on. "You said this, ‘we need to see the emergence of a religious left in our country.’ What do you mean by that?” she asked.

Buttigieg spoke at length about how the Bible talks about helping the poor and “marginalized” like “immigrants,” blasting Republicans as only wanting to help the rich and powerful:

“I see now in the White House this celebration of how powerful you can be and how rich you can be as if that's the same thing as virtue, and it just doesn't land,” he finished speaking. “No one party has a monopoly on faith,” he added.

Co-host Joy Behar jumped in.“What is it that they are hooking onto with Trump, do you think, on that side?” she questioned. Buttigieg blasted Pence as someone who was abandoning his morality for “power”:



That's part of the mystery, right? I think at the end of the day it's power. The Vice President for example who has maybe a different understanding of Christianity than I do, one that's largely about sexuality, but that is even stranger because how did they then attach to himself to someone who’s getting caught writing hush money checks to porn stars. That's part of what I was talking about at the town hall.

“It's called hypocrisy,” co-host Ana Navarro griped, while Joy Behar made a positive reference to Jimmy Carter. The Democrat mayor again argued that the “religious left” was rising in America and paying attention to the poor, unlike the religious right who was only interested in "wealth and power."

Not one host followed up on this moral lecture to question how his party’s support for abortion conforms with his Christianfaith (not to mention his homosexual lifestyle.) Buttigieg himself has opted out of answering questions about his stance on abortion in the past but it would be safe to assume he would have a hard time earning the nomination in the Democrat party without supporting its radical pro-abortion policies.

Additionally, Fox News has pointed out that Buttigieg had a much different viewpoint on a president’s extramarital scandals, when Bill Clinton was in office. Apparently when he was a student at Harvard during that time, Buttigieg “urged Americans to ignore presidential scandals involving ‘sexual excitement’ and went great lengths to defend Clinton.” Who is the one being “hypocritical” now, Ana Navarro?