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In case you haven’t seen the overused, far-left, anti-Trump hashtag, #Resist enough, the extremely liberal CBS “comedy” Superior Donuts made sure to repeat it in an outrageously biased and inaccurate portrayal of the debunked gender wage gap myth on Monday’s episode, “Sofia’s Choice.” And they threw in a bit of male-bashing for good measure, too.

CBS’s cop drama Blue Bloods once again did a masterful job of defending the honor and sacrifice of hardworking police officers while addressing the controversial topic of race relations and the hostile, thankless environment today’s officers must work in.

If you’ve ever watched The Big Bang Theory or its new spin-off Young Sheldon, you already know that both shows love to remind viewers how much main character Sheldon doesn’t believe in God and likes to bash Christianity. But just in case you missed the 5,924,835 references that came before, Thursday night’s episode of Young Sheldon, “Demons, Sunday School, and Prime Numbers,” made sure to remind everyone once again.

It may only have one season, but CBS’s drama Wisdom of the Crowd has made every effort to put itself in the running as the top leftist agenda show on TV. The show seems to have a particular bent for feminist lectures, which is interesting considering it was canceled over sexual assault allegations against star Jeremy Piven. Sunday’s episode, “Alpha Test” was no exception.

ABC’s American Housewife revisited their touching storyline where main character Katie's (Katy Mixon) friend Doris (Ali Wong) was angry over being pregnant with her fourth “creature,” whom she compared to parasitic lice. In Wednesday's episode, "Blue Christmas," Doris is in the hospital ready to give birth on Christmas Day - which also makes her angry and causes her to use new terms of endearment for her baby such as, “this thing” and “son-of-a-bitch.” Can't you just feel the Christmas spirit already?

CBS’s Superior Donuts tried to get into the Christmas spirit with their Monday, December 11, episode “Homeless for the Holidays,” but their outright disdain for capitalism and businesses quickly put a damper on things. Of course, the show known for its extremist liberal views can’t go one episode without being a Scrooge to its conservative viewers (if there are any left).

CBS’s comedy Man With a Plan gave viewers a liberal lecture on sexism while featuring women as woke and men as ignorant dolts. The show centers around husband and father Adam (Matt LeBlanc) who starts spending more time with his kids when his wife Andi (Liza Snyder) goes back to work.

CBS’s comedy Superior Donuts is known for its liberal lectures on a variety of topics. But the Monday, December 4 episode, “Error of Admission” had its white characters “whitesplain” affirmative action to a black character, encouraging him to use the color of his skin as an advantage when applying to schools.

As with most streaming shows of late, at least the ones that try to be edgy (which means pretty much all of them), it takes a minute to process what you’ve watched sometimes. Such is the case with Netflix’s Lady Dynamite which so far tops the list of confusing and bizarre streaming shows.

CBS’s Monday, November 27 episode of Superior Donuts, “Flour Power,” was filled with liberal lectures on political correctness, with particular attention paid to racism, “homophobia,” and sexism. Of course, hate is wrong in any form, but as we know, the leftist PC police tend to go overboard with what they deem unacceptable behavior, and this episode was no exception.

Fox’s The Last Man on Earth spent most of its Sunday, November 19 episode touting feminism and a lesbian relationship, then strangely made the argument towards the end of the show that genders no longer exist, and therefore, neither does “gay.”

CBS’s Wisdom of the Crowd is at it again, this time trying to teach us about feminism and sexism while its main star faces down accusations of sexual assault. The show centers around a crowd-sourced crime-fighting platform called “Sophe,” created by Silicon Valley tech innovator Jeffrey Tanner (Jeremy Piven) in an attempt to find out who murdered his daughter. In the process, he ends up helping to solve other crimes with the public’s help, via their input on Sophe.

TNT’s Major Crimes continued its all-out assault on the Catholic Church and priests in its Tuesday, November 24 episode, “Sanctuary City: Part 3.” They also kept up with their caricature of deranged, gun-toting, right-wing white males who oppose illegal immigration to the point of wanting illegals dead, and, for good measure, took a quick jab at homeschooling, too.

CBS’s Wisdom of the Crowd has already built up an anti-conservative reputation despite only being five episodes in, so it should come as no surprise that the sixth episode, “Trade Secrets,” that aired Sunday, November 12, took more shots at the right.

When the horrific shooting in Vegas occurred last month, Hollywood rightly cancelled two movie premieres out of respect for the victims of the tragedy. But CBS’s Young Sheldon felt it was okay to air an episode, immediately after the shooting at a small-town Texas church, that depicted a small-town Texas church service with main character Sheldon (Iain Armitage) stating that he wanted to “destroy” the pastor to prove that God does not exist.

Comedy Central’s Broad City really wants you to know how much they hate Trump. Like, really, really. You would think the episode in which they bleeped out Trump’s name like a curse word and blamed him for a lack of orgasms would have been enough to get their hatred out of their system. But on the Wednesday, November 8 episode, “Florida,” they continued to censor Trump’s name, took a shot at Vice President Mike Pence, and then added Florida to their list of Trump-related enemies.

CW’s Dynasty reboot is known for its scandals and loose morals, but just in case you might have any doubt that the show leans left, the writers made sure to make it clear in the Wednesday, November 8 episode, “Company Slut.” I mean, the episode name alone…

When a show begins with a main character looking at Jesus on a crucifix in a Catholic Church while snidely saying to Him, “Thanks for nothing,” you know right away that there is a clear anti-Catholic bias and that things will go downhill from there. In the same program, a cop remarks, “We found Lucas Garza's body at a Catholic church. You know who hangs out at Catholic churches? Priests.”

Much to the joy of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat had one of its teenage characters officially “come out” as a lesbian on the Wednesday, November 7 episode, “A League of Her Own.”

It’s already well-established that CBS’s Superior Donuts has a very clear bias and agenda, especially when it comes to race, Christians, and its main target - police officers. The episode on Monday, November 6, “Is There a Problem, Officer?” was no exception, with a ridiculous storyline that attempted to make all police officers appear guilty of brutality. Even "the good ones" (which the vast majority are).