New ABC Comedy ‘Not Dead Yet’ Gets Woke, Drops to Lowest Viewership

April 7th, 2023 12:03 AM

ABC’s new comedy Not Dead Yet has thankfully been free of Hollywood’s typical leftist agenda since its premiere, which may explain why the pilot was the “most watched comedy debut in over 4 years,” according to Deadline, and why The Hollywood Reporter gave the pilot a bad review. The break from politics unfortunately came to an end this week, however, as the show got woke and dipped its toe into a bit of leftist environmentalist “humor.”

Not Dead Yet stars Gina Rodriguez as Nell, a newspaper obituary writer who suddenly begins seeing ghosts - specifically the ones she’s writing obituaries for. Nell lives with a roommate, Edward (Rick Glassman), an environmental lawyer, who is on the autism spectrum and very particular about cleanliness.

On Wednesday’s episode, “Not Friends Yet,” Edward brings home his new girlfriend Charlotte (Molly McCook), and Nell is surprised to find that Edward has become a completely different person around her. While the three are out at a wine bar for trivia night, Edward makes excuses for why he knows so many nerdy facts, leading Nell to pull him aside and confront him about not being himself.

She encourages him to show Charlotte who he really is if he wants his relationship to last, and he takes her advice to heart. When he returns to the table, Edward comes clean about his real self, which Charlotte isn’t put off by at all. But when Charlotte reveals she’s not into paper straws or recycling, it’s obvious that Nell and Edward can’t accept Charlotte for who she is:

Charlotte: I had no idea that you knew so much about...all that stuff you knew about.

Edward: Charlotte, my nephew isn't a doofus. I'm a doofus. If this relationship is gonna work, I think you need to know that I'm a video-game-playing, Rubik's Cube-solving, action-figure-collecting nerd. And also, Nell isn't the one who's particular about skillet care. I am. Yeah. Also, this, um, poncho, it feels like sandpaper and I'm gonna take it off forever. And I do magic. Is this your coaster? It is now.

Nell: There he is.

Charlotte: I am so happy that we're being honest because I have been holding back some things as well. Um, Edward, I know you're an environmental lawyer... But I hate these paper straws. They're completely useless. Besides, how much can one person really do for the environment, anyway? And does recycling really matter? Ah. Whew. I'm gonna go get us some real straws.

Edward: I'm gonna have to tell my parents I'm sleeping with a turtle murderer.

Tolerance for me, but not for thee? Typical Hollywood double standards. Plus, Charlotte’s right. Paper straws are awful!

Not surprisingly, this episode had the lowest viewership of the entire eight-episode season. Hopefully, the writers realize that getting woke means going broke and course correct in time for us to enjoy the rest of the season without any further leftist agenda interfering with our entertainment.