Paramount+'s ‘The Good Fight’ Character Accuses Ron DeSantis of Sexual Assault

November 11th, 2022 2:28 AM

After last week’s episode of Paramount+’s legal drama The Good Fight fed us leftist propaganda from a firehose, this week wasn’t much better.

Thursday’s series finale, “The End of Everything,” featured an obvious Milo Yiannopoulos-like character who accuses the newly re-elected Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) of sexual assault in a plot to help former President Donald Trump win the presidency in 2024.

The episode begins with Diane (Christine Baranski) returning to the city, and thus to the chaos of white supremacist riots outside of the building she works in, after a relaxing trip to the countryside. She gets swept up among the protesters while trying to go through a blockade as she’s surrounded by protesters, many in red MAGA hats shouting, “White lives matter!”

The scene was a supposed “echo” of January 6, according to Vulture. As a reporter on the scene states, “From what we can tell, most protesters seem to be coming from outside Chicago, drawn by the expectation of violence, and the arrival of 11/10 supporters.” The reporter is interrupted by a protestor shouting, “One more day!”

The date 11/10 is the one protesters have been counting down to and threatening the predominantly black law firm with - albeit without any details.

Once safely upstairs, Diane is introduced to a familiar but unwelcome face. Felix Staples (John Cameron Mitchell), is seeking representation for a lawsuit he wants to bring against DeSantis for sexual assault:



Felix: Diane. My goodness. The years have been kind to you.

Diane: What do you need, Felix? I don't represent you.

Felix: Well, it's not what I need, Diane. It's what you need. As you may know, I'm no longer gay.

Diane: You're not?

Felix: No, I don't think I ever was. I'm with a wonderful woman now, Chalena, Chalanna. But in any case, I was interning for a certain governor. And he took me to Texas for CPAC. Back at the hotel, I argued with him that I was not gay, and I would not have sеx with him, but he would not take no for an answer...and he forced me to fellate him. I was repulsed, I threatened to go to HR, and he fired me. That's why I'm here today.

Marissa: Tell her which governor.

Felix: Well, as you know, I have my pick of any job in Republican circles, but I'm also an elite member of the Disney World Loyalty Program, which is why I agreed to intern for Governor Ron DeSantis. Which part of that is funny?

Diane: The part where you're here. You were sexually assaulted by Governor DeSantis, and you came to us so we could help you sue him?

Felix: Yes. What's strange?

Diane: You. This is some bullsh*t Project Veritas trick.

Felix: When did you start swearing so much? It's kind of hot. But I knew you were gonna say something like this, so I am prepared.

Diane: Oh, God.

Felix: It's the only way I can prove to you that I'm not recording this conversation.

Diane: You see, this is why I'm giving up on the law. It's insane. It's all performance art.

Felix: Performance art? Did you say performance art? Diane... I was assaulted.

Diane: I'm going.

Felix: And you must believe a man just as you would a woman.

When will the “secretly gay Republican” cliché ever go away? It’s like the left’s favorite trick to pull out of their hats when it comes to plot points.

Anyways, Milo…I mean Felix…later sits down with Diane and her partners to give his official story along with Monica Lewinsky-style “evidence":



Felix: I have 267 days sodomy free.

Diane: Can we get to the assault?

Felix: Yes. I offered my political services to Governor DeSantis. He saw me in my bicycle shorts, worn purely for medical reasons, and he invited me onto his staff. Little did I know what he "staff."

Diane: Oh, my God.

Felix: God. Yes, Diane. That's who I pray to for guidance on this decision, as well as my close friend and mentor, Roger Stone, who informed me that a demonic portal has opened up over the Florida State Capitol. I didn't believe him, and I took the job. And this is where it gets more, shall we say, ribald. Ron invited me to CPAC so I could work on his...speech, and then...and there...he drugged me and forced me into oral sеx.

Diane: Do you have any witnesses?

Felix: No. I have better. I have a stain.

Julius: Hey! Hey. Don't act like you're pursuing the truth. This is just a way to take out Ron DeSantis because he's testing the highest against Biden. It's the only reason why we would ever listen to a termite like Felix Staples.

Ri’Chard: Felix Staples is a Republican. What if he is telling the truth?

Lawyer 1: What about Tucker Carlson?

Julius: Oh, my God. Diane, Has Staples ever told the truth in his life?

Diane: No. I agree with Julius. We should be cutting him loose.

Carmen: Absolutely, he's a nut.

Ri'Chard: Why so quick to prejudge Felix Staples when we have evidence?

Julius: That?! That could be anything. That could be ice cream.

Liz: Jay?

Jay: Uh, the only way to be certain is to get some of DeSantis' DNA.

Julius: Oh, DNA. Yes. That's perfect. Let's follow DeSantis around on the campaign trail to get his DNA. I'll bring the condom. Anyone else? Condom?

Liz: Okay! All right. Anything else...anything else, Jay?

Jay: Felix did intern with Governor DeSantis' speechwriting and political team, and he was fired last week.

Liz: Why?

Jay: His team wouldn't say. All I know is he was fired after the weekend at CPAC.

Despite airing an episode in which they argued that underhanded and illegal tactics were okay to use, including perjury, as long as it’s for the greater liberal good, the show suddenly seemed to have a moral conscience as they continued to debate Felix’s case:



Diane: Well, like... like any good liar, he's using a grain of truth.

Liz: But Diane, years ago, didn't you say that you were tired of being the adult in the room? Uh, weren't you tired of being the-the compliant one, the one telling the truth? I mean, why can't we use lies like they do?

Julius: Because we're lawyers! We're dealing with perjury laws.

Liz: No, not necessarily. No, no, no. We have a potential client who may be lying and may be not.

Ri’Chard: Yes.

Liz: That's all.

Marissa: Can I say something? I can't believe I'm suddenly channeling my dad, but if you destroy Ron DeSantis, doesn't that give new momentum to Donald Trump?

Ri’Chard: Hmm, keep going.

Marissa: Well, I think we all agree Trump is the scary nut in this equation.

Julius: Not all of us.

Marissa: Ron DeSantis is just the usual scary Republican politician. If you use what Felix charges to take down DeSantis, doesn't Trump become the prominent candidate?

Ri’Chard: Or here's another way to think about it. Isn't it easier to beat Trump in 2024 than DeSantis?

Julius: Oh, dear blessed God.

Ri'Chard: This is what I say. I will meet with him and figure out whether he's telling the truth or not.

Well, at least they threw us a bone with Julius (Michael Boatman). Pretty bold of them to have a black character as a conservative considering their leader Biden said you can’t be both.

Robert King, co-creator of The Good Fight, tweeted this about the scene:

And just who would those "crazy right-wingers" be? Because the argument is about DeSantis, and he won his re-election - by a lot!

Diane, Ri’Chard (Andre Braugher) and Liz eventually confront Felix with further questions to assess the validity of his story, at which point he admits it was a lie:



Liz: Mr. Staples, where did Governor DeSantis assault you?

Felix: Where?

Liz: Geographically.

Felix: Oh, CPAC.

Liz: Where at CPAC?

Felix: In his room.

Liz: What room?

Felix: You want me to give you the room number?

Diane: Yes.

Felix: I don't remember.

Ri’Chard: What floor?

Felix: Look, this is getting hostile.

Diane: Well, this should be easy. What hotel?

Felix: The Sheraton.

Liz: Well, unfortunately, the governor changed hotels at the last minute. He was staying at the Hyatt.

Felix: Yeah, that one.

Ri’Chard: Okay. Thanks for your help, Mr. Staples.

Felix: Wait. What's wrong? You just tell me what hotel you want it to be.

Ri’Chard: No. This is the number of Russell Carton & Associates. Please, go tell them your story.

Felix: What are you talking about? Ron DeSantis is gonna win unless you use this.

Liz: A lie?

Felix: Yes, a lie. What does it matter? You want this 'cause you hate DeSantis, I want this 'cause it puts Trump ahead in the polling. Win-win.

Ri’Chard: Well, this has been a waste of a day.

So, did The Good Fight drag DeSantis’ name through the mud for almost the entire show because they really knew he was likely to win? I can only guess, but hearing DeSantis’ name associated with such a horrible character and heinous accusation, not to mention the “stain,” was all extremely cringe-worthy and classless.

In the end, we finally find out why there has been a countdown to 11/10 all season as well as an hourly countdown during this episode. In addition to a horrific, planned shooting at the law firm carried out by a white supremacist militia group, 11/10 is also the day fictional Trump chose to announce his candidacy for president:



Diane: Oh, God.

Liz: Sh*t.

Newscaster: So, the suspense is over. Donald Trump is running for president.

Newscaster 2: With rumors swirling around Governor DeSantis about a potential sexual assault scandal, Donald Trump chose this moment to announce he's running for president.

King shared that their plan from the beginning was to end with Trump and that they had no plan B in place "if the world had changed radically." He also tweeted this bit of trivia about the scene:

Alrighty then. Not sure what's "fitting" about that, but too bad they didn't show Biden falling up the stairs, because I'm pretty sure that's more fitting for how Americans have been feeling as they struggle to climb to success while dealing with inflation and high prices on pretty much everything because Biden screwed up the economy. 

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