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Comedy Central’s Broad City really wants you to know how much they hate Trump. Like, really, really. You would think the episode in which they bleeped out Trump’s name like a curse word and blamed him for a lack of orgasms would have been enough to get their hatred out of their system. But on the Wednesday, November 8 episode, “Florida,” they continued to censor Trump’s name, took a shot at Vice President Mike Pence, and then added Florida to their list of Trump-related enemies.

CW’s Dynasty reboot is known for its scandals and loose morals, but just in case you might have any doubt that the show leans left, the writers made sure to make it clear in the Wednesday, November 8 episode, “Company Slut.” I mean, the episode name alone…

When a show begins with a main character looking at Jesus on a crucifix in a Catholic Church while snidely saying to Him, “Thanks for nothing,” you know right away that there is a clear anti-Catholic bias and that things will go downhill from there. In the same program, a cop remarks, “We found Lucas Garza's body at a Catholic church. You know who hangs out at Catholic churches? Priests.”

Much to the joy of the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD), ABC’s Fresh Off the Boat had one of its teenage characters officially “come out” as a lesbian on the Wednesday, November 7 episode, “A League of Her Own.”

It’s already well-established that CBS’s Superior Donuts has a very clear bias and agenda, especially when it comes to race, Christians, and its main target - police officers. The episode on Monday, November 6, “Is There a Problem, Officer?” was no exception, with a ridiculous storyline that attempted to make all police officers appear guilty of brutality. Even "the good ones" (which the vast majority are).

Comedy Central’s Broad City is known for its outrageously inappropriate humor. But Wednesday, October 26th’s episode, “Witches,” went beyond outrageous into extremely bizarre and depraved. One thing is clear after watching this shockingly vulgar episode…Broad City does not care about or welcome conservative viewers.

Sunday, October 22’s episode of Fox’s comedy The Last Man on Earth, titled “Wisconsin,” featured an extremely uncomfortable scene between main character Tandy (Will Forte) and Jasper, played by child actor Keith L. Williams. The series takes place in the future after a virus wipes out most of the earth’s population, leaving only a handful of survivors behind.

CBS’s new drama Wisdom of the Crowd took on the controversial topics of racism, illegal immigration and violent protests in Sunday, October 22’s episode, “User Bias.” The show centers around tech inventor Jeffrey Tanner (Jeremy Piven) who develops a widely-successful crowdsourcing app, “Sophe,” to help solve his daughter’s murder. In the process, he ends up helping to solve other crimes with the public’s help, via their input on Sophe.

Project Runway’s Thursday, October 19 episode, “Driving Miss Unconventional,” challenged its designers to use unconventional safety materials such as seatbelts, hard hats and reflectors, to create unique creations. The theme was to “think outside of your safety zone and deliver looks that do not conform to the rules.”

ABC’s American Housewife has shown a lot of potential to be a good show in its second season after bashing conservatives in its first. It’s been refreshing to hear jokes that are actually funny and not loaded with a political agenda.

ABC premiered their new fantasy dramedy Kevin (Probably) Saves the World Tuesday, October 3, and the entire episode was a bit confusing. Though it seems to have some potential, it’s also filled with seriously flawed theology.

CBS premiered season 8 of their popular police drama Blue Bloods Friday, September 29, with a rollercoaster of surprises and emotions. But it was their defense of police officers, as well as God and family that pulled on the heartstrings the most.

NBC’s Great News premiered its second season on Thursday, September 28, with an introduction of a new, main character, Diana St. Tropez (Tina Fey), head of the fictitious news program “The Breakdown” that the show centers around. The episode, titled “Boardroom Bitch,” also introduced a lot of politics along with Fey’s new character.

The season premiere of NBC’s hit show This Is Us aired Tuesday, September 26, and it was as fabulous as always, trending on Twitter as the social media platform included a box of tissues emoji for every This Is Us hashtag tweeted.

During the season 16 premiere of Lifetime’s Project Runway, we were introduced to designer Aaron Myers who described himself as a "dude in a dress" who wants to create androgynous fashions because as he claimed, that is where fashion is heading.

The September 4 episode of TBS’s People of Earth “Bee Kind,” revisited their sacrilegious storyline of a Catholic priest having an affair with a married woman, and this time, they took the story to even more offensive heights.

Freeform’s The Bold Type, which centers around three young women who work at fictional Scarlet magazine (based on real-life Cosmopolitan magazine), is one of the most left-leaning, not to mention inappropriate shows, on television right now. (Freeform was formerly ABC Family and The Bold Type has been dubbed a teen drama, despite its extremely adult content.)

TBS’s People of Earth, a comedy that centers around a support group of people who have been abducted by aliens, hilariously took a shot at feminist, interpretative dance art on the Monday, August 28 episode, “Aftermath.”

In the current troubled climate of race relations in our country, you would think that Hollywood would be careful to avoid anything that would be construed as racist, but instead, they often seem to join the mainstream media in stirring up racial divisions. Oprah’s show Greenleaf demonstrated just that on its Wednesday, August 23, episode, “Changing Season.”

Perhaps the writers at The Bold Type have been reading the many stories posted here on Newsbusters about their extreme leftist slant and inappropriate material for teens and are feeling guilty for their typical, liberal Hollywood ways. Because Tuesday, August 22’s episode, “The End of the Beginning” took a shocking turn for the better by introducing a likeable, black, male conservative character. Well, the likeable part lasted for about five seconds.