ABC’s Procedural Drama ‘Will Trent’ Drops to Lowest Viewership After Inserting Liberal Agenda

February 27th, 2023 9:37 AM

ABC’s new procedural drama Will Trent has been surprisingly politics-free since it first aired in January. But, as always, it’s never long before Hollywood writers start inserting a liberal agenda.

Case in point, Tuesday’s episode “Unable to Locate,” which featured a cutesy (to them) “abortion bear,” and a conservative militia group that’s out to kill liberal protesters over confederate statues.

Based on Karin Slaughter’s series of novels, Will Trent is about a man who was a product of the foster care system and is now an agent in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI). Will’s (Ramon Rodriguez) love interest and childhood friend Angie (Erika Christensen), who he met in the foster care system, works with the Atlanta Police Department (APD).

Will and Angie have been romantically involved off and on throughout their relationship and in this episode, Angie has a pregnancy scare after sleeping with Will. Because she’s guarded and afraid, she claims the baby isn’t his, but he seems to doubt her claims knowing she has her walls up.

Meanwhile, Will finds himself alone with a white supremacist, Nazi militia group who are plotting to attack innocent, liberal protesters gathering to fight for the removal of Confederate statues. I’ve been noticing an onslaught of these conservative militia groups in storylines on television lately, which isn’t surprising given Hollywood’s love of painting conservatives as evil, racist Nazis.

Will records a message for Angie as he prepares to take on the militia group by himself with a gun that has no bullets. He tells her he’d love nothing more than to raise her baby with her if she is indeed pregnant:



Man: Hey. That’s enough. Is it good? Liberal snowflake politicians wanna take down our confederate statues? Not today, boys. So, grab a gun, and get to know it.

Will: Alright, I’m running out of moves here. There’s not one payphone left in the state of Georgia, and these guys are about to send trucks full of guns and Neo-Nazis to a peaceful protest. I gotta try and stop them with an unloaded rifle. Whoever’s listening to this, I want you to know that I know this is a really stupid idea. Also, Ang, I’m sorry we fought. There’s nothing more I’d love than to raise a baby with the most amazing woman I’ve ever known. And you’re the only person who truly knows me. I love you. Please don’t take Betty to the pound.

Will ends up confronting the group just as backup arrives unexpectedly and all ends well. Later, there’s a flashback to when Will gave Angie an “abortion bear” when they were younger and she had an abortion following a rape, because Hollywood also loves to make abortion seem like it’s no big deal. They also frequently use rape in an attempt to excuse abortion when around one percent of all abortions are performed for that reason:



Angie: Hey, Will. I just wanna get out of here. Can you drive back?

Will: Of course.

Angie: Is that an abortion bear?

Will: They were all out of abortion giraffes.

Aww, how cute! #sarcasm It turned out Angie wasn’t pregnant after all, so we’ll never know what choice she would’ve made. But the writers still did their best to promote their abortion agenda.

This episode had the least amount of viewers among the seven episodes that have aired so far, so hopefully the show will take the hint and drop the politics from here on out.

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