Tolerance on Display: Freeform Sitcom 'grown-ish' Hates on 'Conservative' for Her Beliefs

February 16th, 2023 10:24 AM

It looks like Freeform’s liberal, racist sitcom grown-ish might possibly be jealous it didn’t make our Naughty or Nice list in 2022 and is trying its best to come in first place this year. A spinoff of second place winner black-ish, which was also racist and hateful, grown-ish can’t go one week without a political jab at conservatives or a liberal lecture since it returned from its winter hiatus.

On this week’s episode, “Happy Not Knowing,” the trend continued as the show’s group of college friends express their outright hatred of main character Junior’s (Marcus Scribner) new girlfriend Grace. Just what is Grace’s cardinal sin? She’s conservative. Because, of course.

Grace is actually a RINO (Republican in Name Only), though, as evidenced by her liking Meghan McCain and Ana Navarro, but she’s still not good enough for this group of "tolerant," kind students. #sarcasm Grace even posts LGBTQ+ flags on social media, but that doesn’t stop the show’s lesbian character, Zaara (Tara Raani), from leading the charge against her:



Junior: Wait, you hate Grace?

Zaara: Oh, yeah. We all hate Grace. Right, Kiela?

Kiela: Wait, what are we talking about?

Zaara: How we all don't like Grace.

Kiela: Oh, yeah, Tax Break Barbie -- not a fan.

Junior: You too?

Kiela: She's conservative, Junior. She's not our people.

Junior: Come on.

Zaara: Your girl follows Mitt Romney, Meghan McCain, Ana Navarro –

Junior: Oh, so you stalked Grace.

Zaara: No, I did recon. I search everything, okay? Instagram, Twitter, Venmo, luggage, anything I can find. How do you think I knew he wore boxers and not briefs?

Junior: Uh, can a man not let his junk breathe in peace?

Annika: No, I like Grace. We're in the same lecture class. She's really smart, and I think you guys are a good match. I gotta say, Junior, I'm really happy for you.

Junior: Thank you. See? You guys are just being petty. People can come from opposite sides of political lines and still find things in common.

Kiela: Ah, sleeping with the enemy.

Junior: Look, at first, when I heard all that, I wasn't thrilled, either, but the more we talked, the more I realized, yeah, we don't agree on certain things, but that's just a small part of the person she is.

Whatever happened to the so-called party of tolerance? What about all the times the left has spoken out against hate? Apparently, they only want tolerance for their beliefs, and if you don’t toe the line and think and vote as they demand, then you’re beneath them and deserve to be hated and shunned.

Junior later brings Grace to Zaara’s surprise birthday party and things are extremely awkward despite Grace being kind and gracious. Junior enlists the help of his friend Annika (Justine Skye) who does her best to try to fill awkward silences and help Grace fit in to no avail.

Junior later thanks Annika for her efforts and points out what a good person Grace is:



Junior: So, let me guess, the party went practically perfect after me and Miss Drama left.

Annika: Actually, no. There was yet another dramatic twist. Zeke and Lauryn are dating.

Junior: Like, sexually?

Annika: Yeah, that was pretty much our reaction.

Junior: Wow, okay, that is some second semester shit. Another unlikely couple. Hey, speaking of, um, thank you for helping me out with Grace.

Annika: Well, I don't know how much I helped, but you're welcome.

Junior: I know that I was acting out of pocket, but I also know that she's more than just the party she registers for. She's a really good person. She calls her elderly grandmother on the phone every day. And she donates to places before there's a crisis.

Annika: You really like her, huh?

Junior: I do. But I also know we don't agree on everything, but who does, you know? My dad thinks gravy's a soup, and my mom still loves him. I just want everyone to give her a chance.

Annika: Look, people will come around. But until then, let's say we do a double date?

Junior: Really?

Annika: Yeah, we can let Kwame and Grace poli sci each other to death, and we can talk about "The Real Housewives" or whatever it is important people talk about.

Junior: That'd be great. Um, I don't want to talk about "Real Housewives," but seriously, thank you.

Annika: Hey, that's what friends are for. Come here.

I love how Junior must prove Grace is a good person because, to this show's writers, being a conservative means she's automatically evil. #eyeroll Later, Zaara can’t even stay in the same room with Junior anymore because she’s so disgusted he could “be with someone who thinks like (Grace) does":



Junior: So maybe all of my friends aren't into Grace, at least not yet. But as long as I've got my friend Annika on my side, they'll come around. Hey, roomie. We should talk about tonight. Probably shouldn't have brought a plus-one. That was my bad.

Zaara: Yeah, that was your bad.

Junior: Yeah. Hey, where you going?

Zaara: I'm gonna stay at Yaz's tonight.

Junior: What? Why?

Zaara: I just feel a way about Grace and her politics, and the fact that you can be with someone who thinks like she does.

Junior: Okay, come on. You do not know how Grace thinks about everything.

Zaara: But I know how a lot of the people she votes for think. Like, she can say all the right things, she can post the right flags on Instagram, but when she goes to sleep at night, I feel like she thinks I'm less of a person than she is.

Junior: Come on, Zaara. You know me. You know that I wouldn't be with someone who believes that.

Zaara: Cool, so you're breaking up with her?

Junior: No, I'm not.

Zaara: All right. I'm gonna stay at Yaz's tonight. Good night.

Junior: I –

Newsflash, libs. Conservatives don’t have to agree with everything someone does to see them as an equal person. But in this instance, it appears Grace is actually pro-homosexuality based on the snarky flag comment. And yet, she's still not good enough for Zaara.

No, if Grace or any other conservative wants Zaara's acceptance, they must vote and think as she demands and follow who she approves of on social media. Isn’t this the epitome of hypocrisy for a character who expects to be treated with respect and not be subjected to hate herself because she’s a lesbian? 

Liberal Hollywood loves to preach to conservatives, but they never seem to practice what they preach themselves. It’s obviously Zaara’s character who sees Grace as less of a person, not the other way around. And this show is shamelessly using this storyline to influence its young viewers into voting Democrat through peer pressure and the fear of being hated or rejected, which is certainly making us “feel a way,” too.

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