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Born and raised in Jacksonville FL, Bryan Ballas graduated from Bob Jones University with a BA in political science in 2011 and got his MA in Government at Regent University in 2014, maintaining a 4.0 average throughout his stay at the latter institution. His academic accomplishments have earned him membership in the Pi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honor Society.

Bryan deepened his learning by interning for a variety of academic and governmental offices to include the Dean of Regent University’s School of Government, FL Governor Rick Scott’s Office of Appointments, the Office of FL Congressman Mike Weinstein, and Upper Hand Solutions, a political group that specializes in social media.

An accomplished writer, Bryan won first place in the nationwide Reagan Symposium Essay Contest at the Masters and Doctrinal level in 2013 and won third place in 2014. In June 2014 Bryan put his research skills to the test, working the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, before accepting an internship offer with the Media Research Center’s News Analysis Division in February 2015.

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Following the sexual scandal that erupted at Baylor University, the nation’s largest Baptist university, fingers began to understandably point in earnest at those responsible for allowing this to happen. However, in an article for The Huffington Post, Susan M. Shaw exploited the tragedy to blame the sexual abuse on conservative Christianity itself. “The underlying belief system that allows a Christian university to overlook sexual violence is a kind of misogyny related to particular conservative Christian convictions about women, gender, and sexuality.”

The pro-abortion crowd always been extreme. They have to be extreme to hold the position that taking innocent life is legitimate. However, Bob Cesca of has critiqued Indiana’s new pro-life legislation using language that is arguably out of place even at a NARAL board meeting.

According to Cesca, HB 1337, a pro-life bill recently passed by the Indiana legislature:

Following the passing of Justice Antonin Scalia, the country mourned the loss of one of its greatest legal thinkers. Not surprisingly, Jessica Valenti of the leftist British newspaper The Guardian was quick to figuratively spit on his grave.

The indictment of the Center for Medical Progress has provoked rejoicing throughout the pro-choice press. However, in an article featured in Yahoo! Health, Claire Lampen of found a great cause for lamentation. “Unfortunately, that reversal of fortunes can't undo the damage Daleiden and Merritt have already caused.”

According to Lampen, the real crime of the videos was that they allowed politicians to use them as “proof that Planned Parenthood is a murderous organization absent of ethics that must be shut down, because it appears to depict employees at a Houston clinic talking freely about the sale of fetal tissue for profit.” Appears to depict?

For years Northern Ireland has been a safe space for the unborn. With tight regulations on abortion in place, Irish children enjoyed protection that unborn Americans could only dream about. Naturally, writer Carmen Fishwick of the Guardian seized the opportunity to exploit women to propagate abortion in the Emerald Isle. The paper's headline? "Illegal pills and trauma: how Northern Ireland's abortion ban affects women."  

Fishwick lamented that Northern Ireland has a much lower unborn body count than its neighbors.  “Just 23 legal NHS abortions took place in Northern Ireland last year, compared with more than 200,000 in the rest of the UK.”

In reaction to the Planned Parenthood fetal tissue harvesting videos, Rolling Stone decided to seek out an expert opinion. In their words, they sought to interview Dr. Cheryl Chastine, “an actual abortion provider, not a pundit or a politician — about all this.” As if abortion doctors weren't political activists?

The author is Andrea Grimes, last mocked for penning this notion in Rolling Stone: “the myth that Planned Parenthood is a baby-killing behemoth persists, despite all evidence to the contrary.”

On November 13th, the Supreme Court announced that it would weigh the constitutionality of Texas’ HB2 law, which mandates increased safety regulations for abortion clinics, and, according to its challengers, places an “undue burden” on women’s reproductive health. A mere five days later, several media publications including, Slate, The Guardian, The Washington Post, and Reuters covered the results of a recently released study that claimed that anywhere between 100,000 and 240,000 women in Texas attempted self-induced abortions since the passage of the HB 2 law.

The unthinkable has happened: Salon has called out the Left, saying "The Left has an Islam problem." Sean Illing actually took leftists to task for refusing to discuss Islam in a more critical light. “For liberals in particular, it’s a kind of heresy to suggest that Islam, at this particular moment in history, has a problem. This is unfortunate, and it has to end.”   

Gary Legum of wrote the “antiabortionists” are upset with “perky newswoman” Katie Couric at Yahoo! because “she has dared to take her cameras inside a Planned Parenthood clinic, which looks like a fairly normal medical center and not the blood-soaked abattoir of dismembered baby limbs that conservatives just know it to be in their tiny blackened hearts.”

Upon its debut in 2014 Jane the Virgin, a TV show on the CW network about a woman who accidentally gets artificially inseminated, received applause from pro-abortion leftists for its “normalization” of the abortion conversation. However, Nico Lang of was unsatisfied. While applauding the show’s “non-judgemental view of motherhood,” she lamented that it “is unable to show the empathy for all the choices women have to make about their bodies.” The headline lamented "birth is the one choice that matters."

Like the Wizard of Oz who told people to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain, abortion advocates are desperate to draw the public's attention away from the health problems abortion can bring to women. To that end, Amanda Marcotte has penned an article for The Guardian entitled "Why anti-choice campaigners won't let science get in their way."

According to Marcotte, the "anti-choicers" persistently invoke the argument that "abortion causes mental health problems for women." This, says Marcotte, is not only a "whiff of bullying" but is unsupported by evidence.

No matter the occasion, the media always finds ways to either defend or throw a bone to the abortion industry. Case in point is Alex Ronan of New York magazine who interviewed "the first legal abortion providers" who “risked their livelihoods” to “break the law by providing terminations.”

Last year, Ronan proudly noted in the same outlet that “I’ve considered myself pro-choice since sixth grade when I learned the word, and I had manned the phones at the NARAL office in downtown New York when I was in high school.” So it was obvious she would elect to glamorize these early abortionists and their successors.

In the aftermath of the murderous rampages like the recent one in Oregon, some weep for the dead and pray for the wounded. Others, such as the Huffington Post feminist Soraya Chemaly, exploit such barbaric acts of violence to push their own political narratives. As stated in Chemaly’s headline, the real culprit behind mass shootings like the one in Oregon is “Masculinity, Masculinity, Masculinity.”

Liberals have lined up to attack Carly Fiorina for her comments regarding the details of videos displaying Planned Parenthood’s murder and harvesting organs of unborn children. Not one to be outdone, Salon’s Valerie Tarico quickly found a veteran video editor from the Weather Channel who was willing to challenge the authenticity of all the Planned Parenthood videos in the most over the top manner possible. “They created abortion porn....The editor’s goal is for people to say, ‘Isn’t that terrible, let’s watch it again.’”

As presidential debates approach, tempers begin to flair and hyperbole tends to creep into coverage. However, with a headline like “Mike Huckabee Wants to Bring Back Slavery,” Luther Campbell of the Miami New Times crossed the line. Luther Campbell, the rapper who caused a social-conservative backlash back in 1989 with the song Me So Horny? Same guy.

Kim Davis’s willingness to be jailed for acting on her convictions has now provoked Gabriel Arana, the senior media editor of the Huffington Post to anger. The headline of his piece left nothing to the imagination: “Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Is No Rosa Parks. She's The Bus Driver.”

Before Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis was jailed for sticking to her religious beliefs, Janell Ross of the Washington Post was quick to take sides against her. On September 2 the Post headlined the story as follows: “We Have Reached the George Wallace Stage of the Same-Sex Marriage Fight.”

Ross begins this accusation with the same amount of objectivity as her headline.

With the battle over the Iran deal heating up, Hillary Clinton’s e-mail troubles growing more severe, and more footage of Planned Parenthood’s callous harvesting of the organs of dead children coming to light, you would think the liberal print media would have their hands full. Rather than dwell on these stories, however, James Hohmann of the Washington Post decided that a much more important question demands our attention: is Ted Cruz eligible to run president?

With Planned Parenthood’s back against the wall following the advent of more videos exposing the selling of baby parts, their apologists are growing desperate in their attempts to prevent its defunding. Case in point is Michael Specter, a staff writer at The New Yorker and former New York Times and Washington Post reporter, who spreads the usual counterintuitive spin that defunding Planned Parenthood would actually increase abortions.

A few years ago, Specter wrote a book called Denialism about the dangers of science denial. But he’s in a case of Planned Parenthood denial.

Meg Mott of the Huffington Post decided to lament the fact that these videos have transformed the discourse of abortion from a debate about women’s rights into a “ghoulish spectacle.” Then she bizarrely blames capitalist "neoliberalism" for abortions.

"What's striking about the most recent video is that the 'sting' involves making Planned Parenthood fit the bill of a ghoulish profit-driven corporation, as if no other U.S. corporation trades in human misery."