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Friday night on Fox's Last Man Standing, the Baxters rang in the Christmas season reminding us what is most important this holiday season. In the episode, “The Gift of the Mike Guy,” the family gathered together to decorate the tree--even Eve (Kaitlyn Dever) came home; however, the most heartwarming thing about this episode was the message they gave about veterans. In addition to reminding us to appreciate the men and women sacrificing so much, including their Christmas for our country, Mike (Tim Allen) gave back in a big way.

Thursday night, NBC's Superstore proved to us once again that they are super liberal with an illegal immigration plotline. Did I say illegal? Excuse me for not using the politically correct term “undocumented” that was littered throughout the episode as part of an effort to make it seem less wrong.

From dying patients, to tantrum-throwing trans teens, the fall finale of NBC's New Amsterdam was full of drama. In Tuesday night’s episode, Dr. Iggy Frome (Tyler Labine) has a transgender patient named Shay, who wants "top surgery"--a procedure that removes a woman's breasts.

Tuesday night, NBC's This is Us had fans coming back for more of what they love. "Six Thanksgivings" was a heartwarming Thanksgiving episode - that is, until one head-turning scene.

On Monday night, The Neighborhood on CBS had a special racist Thanksgiving episode. A white character said his mom was "from a small town, she's kind of old-school, she can be pretty conservative." A black character responded: "Oh, she's racist."

NCIS: Los Angeles has been pretty quiet politically lately--that is until tonight’s episode in which we could practically hear them shout from the rooftops.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that NBC’s new drama New Amsterdam is full of liberal propaganda. Just a couple weeks ago we saw the overplayed gun control card. Tonight was no different, the writers brought out an oversold gimmick about ICE and in a plot that was all too familiar to something we saw recently on another NBC medical drama, Chicago Med.

CBS’s new comedy, The Neighborhood, hit primetime tv only a couple weeks ago, but in those few short weeks we’ve already seen the typical liberal racism tropes--gentrification, white ignorance, and of course, biased cops. Just when we thought we’d seen it all, though, the show finally managed to pull something unique--uniquely dumb that is. What else is racist besides cops, white privileged people, and society in general? According to The Neighborhood, the answer is global warming.

On Thursday night's episode of NBC's Superstore, titled "Delivery Day, Dina (Lauren Ash) and Amy (America Ferrera) both finally gave birth -- however the two have very different experiences and thus we get a racially tinged lecture about health care inequality.

On Wednesday night’s episode of A Million Little Things, titled “Unexpected,” Delilah (Stephanie Szostak) was grappling with an unplanned pregnancy. At first thought to be the baby of her late husband John, it is later revealed that the baby’s father is Eddie, with whom she was having an affair. Throughout the episode Delilah had many viewers wondering what she would decide, with many suspecting the episode would end tragically with an abortion.

Many fans tuned into the latest installment of This Is Us, titled "Kamsahamnida," on Tuesday night. The episode was packed with drama, as usual. Kate was helping Toby fight depression, Kevin decided to go to Vietnam to follow his dad’s story and Randall was running for office in a local election. Randall wasn’t the only person trying to solicit votes in this episode, though.

On Monday night, The Neighborhood on CBS aired its 5th episode. In this installment, the Johnsons went over to the Butlers' for a game night which soon turned into a political platform for social justice warriors.

Sunday night’s episode of Doctor Who started off with one of those bizarre scif-fi storylines that make fans love the show so much--but that didn’t keep their ever-growing obnoxious liberal agenda away.

Thursday night, NBC’s comedy Superstore showed us just how far our politically correct society has gone with a Halloween costume contest.

On Tuesday night, the writers of New Amsterdam rolled out an old liberal agenda and confirmed our suspicions that they are desperately lacking in creativity. There's no doubt the hit drama is aiming to be the Grey’s Anatomy of NBC. Not only are the writers looking to get in on the medical drama scene so many Grey’s fans love, it looks like they’re also aiming to be as liberal as show creator Shonda Rhimes, with a whole episode pushing the Black Lives Matter agenda.

Sunday night, Doctor Who debuted its second episode in its much anticipated 11th season on BBC America. The show, a British classic beloved by many in America, typically stays away from politics as it focuses on a science fictional universe. That being said, it is somewhat known for its focus on diversity, pacifism and all things “anti-violence”--which, all things considered, I am mostly willing to tolerate in a world where almost every show is littered with explicit jabs at conservatives and conservative policy. In the episode “The Ghost Monument,” however, Doctor Who really put the “fiction” in science fiction with a bizarre anti-gun rant.

A Million Little Things had many of us in a million pieces last week as it debuted with a touching story focusing on friends coming closer together after one of their own commits suicide. For the first time in a while, it seemed as though ABC would put aside the political agendas and focus on a valuable topic—suicide prevention. I don’t know about you, but that had the skeptic in me asking the question, “Ok how long before they sneak their liberal agenda into this one?” The answer--less than two episodes.

Monday night, CBS’s new comedy The Neighborhood took on one of the biggest hot button topics of this generation—race. Of course, we have seen this concept done before: A family of one race (here, the Johnsons) moves into a neighborhood full of residents of another race, where they meet their new neighbors (the Butlers). And perhaps the most predictable part of the plot line — the family patriarch (Calvin Butler, played by Cedric the Entertainer) isn’t happy about his new neighbors because they are white—wait, what? Maybe not so predictable.

Many conservatives have been amped up for the return of what seems to be the last politically sensible show on the planet -- Last Man Standing. As you probably know, the show was infamously canceled at ABC despite its high ratings and popularity. The beauty of the free market, however, is that what ABC was willing to sacrifice in revenue in what many felt was a political move (despite claims to the contrary by ABC executives), Fox was able to pick up.