In the episode “The Marriage Doctor” of Last Man Standing, Mike Baxter's conservative daughter Eve has to prepare for a debate in which – shudder! – she has to take the liberal position. So naturally, she turns to her liberal hippy brother-in-law for some help learning “how to talk out of your ass."

Tim Allen's character Mike Baxter on ABC's Last Man Standing is well known to be right of center. He spends most of his time taking swipes at Obama and the Clintons, but tonight he took a BIG hit at Donald Trump. 

Tim Allen (as Mike Baxer) is always good for a conservative political joke on ABC's Last Man Standing. Tonight he took a jab at the failure of Obamacare. 

Maybe ABC got a message from the higher ups that the show Last Man Standing was getting a little too conservative and anti-Obama for their liking. This week for the first time this season, in the episode "Home Sweet Loan," when Mike Baxter (Tim Allen) gave a great line mocking Obama, his hippy-dippy liberal son-in-law came back with a rejoinder defending him.

Jay Leno made another cameo appearance on Last Man Standing with Tim Allen, and the two were back to their old hijinks. In the episode Mike and the Mechanics,” the comedians rip on each other through their characters Mike and Joe, joking about Allen sticking to TV sitcoms and Leno leaving "The Tonight Show," respectively.

Your Friday night funny: Tim Allen, as Mike Baxter in the ABC comedy Last Man Standing, gets in hits at the Nanny State and King Obama in this scene from the episode "Gift of the Wise Man."

In the episode “The Big Sleepover” of Last Man Standing, Eve’s friend has overstayed her welcome at the Baxter household and interfered with Mike’s (Tim Allen) relationship with his daughter. Eve finally finds a way to get her friend to find another place to stay because she doesn’t want her dad “moping around like Obama got a third term.” 

In the opening scene of the episode "The Dad Hat" on the ABC sitcom Last Man Standing, Tim Allen is at it again with his signature one liners against liberals. In a lesson about patience, his character Mike Baxter is teaching his grandson, Boyd, how to make a fishing lure. But the more important lesson has already been learned by Boyd.

Two comedians walk into a garage... No joke, that's exactly what happens in the most recent episode of the ABC sitcom Last Man Standing, featuring a cameo appearance by former Tonight Show host Jay Leno. In "The Road Less Driven," Leno, who is a car fanatic, plays a mechanic named Joe who has sold an old Impala to Tim Allen's Mike Baxter, also a known car enthusiast back from his days of playing Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor on ABC's Home Improvement. Mike is checking out Joe's garage when he makes a quick jab at Obama and over-regulation.

Promoting the new season of his ABC sitcom Last Man Standing, actor and Republican Tim Allen joined Thursday’s Hannity on Fox News Channel (FNC) to blast the federal government over reckless spending, the national debt, and a culture of political correctness that he tries to rebuke on the show where he plays “a very smart Archie Bunker.”

Last Man Standing star Tim Allen had some harsh words Wednesday for how our government is currently operating.

Appearing on ABC's Jimmy Kimmel Live, Allen said, "You better give your money away before it gets taken from you" (video follows with transcript and commentary):

Americans were told during the 2008 presidential campaign that electing Barack Obama would create a "post-racial" nation.

Far from it, on NBC's Tonight Show Thursday, Tim Allen, the star of ABC's Last Man Standing said that when it comes to race, censors "went back to the ‘80s with what we can and cannot say on the network" (video follows with transcript and commentary):