In the midst of MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews attacking President Trump for holding an Erie, Pennsylvania campaign rally hours after Hurricane Michael decimated the Florida Panhandle, Matthews found time Wednesday night to try and blame Hurricane Michael on climate change during an interview with Tallahassee Mayor and Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum.

On Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough slams the MSM's "one-sided, biased," pro-Christine Ford coverage of the Kavanaugh nomination.  He says the MSM will be surprised by how Republican candidates will be improving in the polls, in the same way the mainstream media was incapable of imagining a Trump victory in 2016.

Amidst the media furor over Brett Kavanaugh and the treatment of women, it was revealed on Tuesday that the Democratic nominee for governor’s past includes physically attacking a female employee and then disconnecting the phone as she attempted to dial 911. All three networks on Tuesday and Wednesday morning ignored the report broken by The Washington Free Beacon. 

Republican John Cox is the dictionary definition of an underdog in the California governor's race against liberal Democrat Gavin Newsom. On average, he's down 29 points in the polls. So why are the "fact checkers" focusing on him? Bill Zeiser, editor of the Real Clear Politics Fact Check Review, noted both PolitiFact and The Washington Post are trying to pick apart Cox's claims. 

Is the New York Times using a “Year of the Woman” reporting angle to sneak in unchallenging coverage of anti-Trump Democrats into their paper (and into higher office)? Kate Zernike’s profile of a New Jersey Democrat led the paper’s National section: “Jousting With Election Opponents and Wiping Runny Noses.”  Zernike didn’tgo after her subjects with hard journalistic scrutiny, leading the cheers instead. And reporter Sydney Ember filed: “Molly Kelly Has a Message for Republicans: ‘Do Not Underestimate Me’

Newsweek reported Sept. 11 that T.I., the celebrated rapper of Blurred Lines fame who weighs in at a $50 million net worth, enthusiastically took to Twitter to express support for actress Cynthia Nixon (worth $60 million) in her run for governor of New York. The reason: Nixon plans to legalize marijuana, calling the issue one of “racial justice”. 

While the immediate reaction on CNN’s Wolf Friday afternoon to former President Barack Obama’s angry, bitter speech against President Trump was more timid than expected in avoiding an Obama lovefest, CNN Newsroom afternoon host Brooke Baldwin and her experts came through in reminding us that this is a network of The Resistance.

New York Times columnist (and former White House reporter) Frank Bruni again took up the Democratic cause as the mid-terms approach, coauthor of “The Faces That Tell The Story of 2018,” flattering 13 lucky first-time Democratic candidates. The text box: “Remarkable first-timers spurred by Trump to help Democrats retake the House.” The unbearable sappiness starts right at the top, with a candidate who is running out of emotional trauma: "Usually you only get to dream about a candidate like Chrissy Houlahan. People in the Philadelphia suburbs actually get to vote for her."

During Wednesday’s edition of CNN Tonight, host Don Lemon played a clip of Representative Ron DeSantis, Republican nominee in the Florida gubernatorial election, saying “the last thing we need to do is monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state” during an interview with Fox News. Despite the fact that he did not even mention his opponent’s race in that particular clip, Lemon apparently thought using the term monkey was racist, asking “Does anybody else hear that dog whistle? It’s kind of a bullhorn.”

Como observamos en una ocasión anterior, Univisión hizo el ridículo durante su cobertura horrendamente viciada de las "monerías" que dieron inicio a la batalla por la gobernación de Florida- pero CNN En Español dio clínica de cómo hacer un buen trabajo. Contrario a sus colegas angloparlantes, CNN En Español todavía se dedica a divulgar noticias fácticas.

Whereas, as we recently noted, Univision embarrassed itself with its horrendously biased coverage of the “monkey it up” flap that kicked off the election of Florida’s next governor, CNN En Español showed how it’s done. Unlike its English-language namesake, CNN’s Spanish-language network is still in the business of hard news.

During Thursday’s edition of The Beat With Ari Melber, guest host Ayman Mohyeldin interviewed Georgetown University Professor Michael Eric Dyson. The beginning of the interview focused on Florida Republican gubernatorial candidate Ron DeSantis, who has faced a media firestorm for saying that “we don’t need to monkey this up” by embracing socialism; referring to Florida’s economy and his opponent’s plans for it. DeSantis’s critics argued that the use of the word “monkey” was a racial slur directed at his African-American opponent, Andrew Gillum. One of his critics even argued that DeSantis should drop out of the race. Dyson’s reaction to DeSantis’s comments presented no exception the hysteria.