Lefty Activists & Celebs Smear ‘Pathetic Rambo Wannabes’ At VA Pro-Gun Rally

January 20th, 2020 2:24 PM

Thousands of Americans voiced their support for the Second Amendment at a Richmond rally on Jan. 20, and vocal media figures proceeded to call them "nazis," impotent “ammosexuals,” with a “Klan-rally smell.”

And yet these are the same people who were mystified by Trump’s election in 2016 -- or the election of any conservative any time.

As pro-Second Amendment patriots converged on Virginia's state capitol to show their disapproval with Governor Ralph “Blackface” Northam’s Draconian gun control proposals, lefty Twitter was smearing them rapid-fire.

Gun-Grabbing boy wonder David Hogg (Parkland HS survivor) referred to Second Amendment supporters as “Nazis” the night before the rally, tweeting out video about how “the second-amendment is being “used as a right to oppress our first amendment, as children, to say that we should be protected, not guns.” Hogg also claimed that “the second-amendment is being used to actively threaten to kill people, including children.” Oh, no hyperbole there.

Hogg ended his speech with “Fuck Nazis,” because if you support fundamental, God-given rights, that’s what you are.

Hollywood lefty idealogues couldn’t resist slandering the rally goers, with several of them stoking fear about how intimidating many of them looked with their guns, or going lowbrow with the commentary and calling into question the pro-gun folks’ collective manhood.

Rosemary’s Baby actress and mother to journalist ”under-fire” Ronan Farrow took a break in her routine of fretting about Donald Trump and made fun of the pro-gun Americans. Farrow tweeted, “Pathetic Rambo wannabes armed and masked- even as we honor Martin Luther King and all he stood for on.” Oh how inspiring. Wielding the legacy of the man who fought for Americans’ rights to bash those standing by them.

Alyssa Milano posted her usual fear-mongering content, retweeting video of several armed second-amendment supporters walking through downtown Richmond as if this was some ominous things. In her caption, she wrote, “This is what’s happening in Virginia right now. Trump’s America. #IStandWithVirginia.” Though her and her walled-off, security guard-protected friends may shed a tear over images like this, conservatives know they’re something to celebrate.

Westworld actor Jeffrey Wright echoed the trumped-up charges that the rally was made of “white supremacists,” tweeting, “The organizers aren’t at all bothered that a gun circle jerk in Richmond, VA on #MLKDay has a Klan-rally smell to it? Wonder why.”

Press secretary for far left Human Rights Campaign Charlotte Clymer provided a clinic on irony with her tweet about the rally, writing, “Nothing says you're proud of the Second Amendment like wearing a face mask and sunglasses that entirely obscures your identity from photographers.” But what about Antifa? Anyone?

Clymer also added, “this is like a comic con but for mediocre, racist white males who never served a single day in uniform and now cosplay with weapons and extraneous camo gear that makes those of us who did serve cringe and laugh at them.”

Yeah real nice. Is it too far to wonder whether Clymer or any of these folks are secretly upset that the rally’s been peaceful so far?