Sex and the City’s Nixon: U.S. ‘Deeply Conservative,’ White Supremacist

September 22nd, 2020 3:47 PM

Cynthia Nixon, the famed star of Sex and the City and political activist, revealed the appalling problems plaguing post-Civil Rights movement America. “So much of the election of Donald Trump and the pandemic has exposed not only how deeply conservative a country we are, but how retrograde we are, particularly when it comes to white supremacy.” 

It’s comforting to hear we’re still “deeply conservative,” if you leave the race-baiting out of it -- which Nixon had no intention of doing.

After Black Lives Matter protests ravaged American cities, Nixon expressed fear that Trump was “deliberately trying to provoke unrest and be seen as the law and order candidate and that will scare people into re-electing him.”

PinkNews, the devotees of everything and anything LGBT, reported Nixon’s premonitions of doom. The actress told the magazine Grazia she wasn’t totally down about the election, but she is still haunted by the political realities of four years ago. “I cannot imagine we would re-elect him. But I could not imagine we would have elected him in the first place.”

Nixon is an LGBT activist and a fervent supporter of Black Lives Matter. She also has a lead role in a new Netflix feminist-left series called Ratched, which Grazia explained is “the backstory of cold, calculating asylum nurse Mildred Ratched from One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest.” Nixon’s character is a lesbian victimized by a spiteful male boss. Stymied in her career, the character releases her stress by hooking up with other lesbians over the weekend. But then she becomes infatuated with a nurse named Mildred Ratched. 

PinkNews described Nixon’s character as “a queer political firebrand,” and she said “the overlapping biography can’t be a coincidence”.

Before doing this bit of Netflix propaganda, Nixon tried, and failed, to get elected as governor of New York in 2018.