The Nation's Joan Walsh 'Wonders' If 'White Working Class' Rejects Hillary Because of Obama (i.e., His Race)

February 11th, 2016 11:58 PM

Joan Walsh, who after a long tenure at is now National Affairs Correspondent at far-left publication The Nation, is responding as leftists usually do when their favored candidates and causes are in trouble: immaturely, and by smearing recalcitrant people who, in their fevered minds, should be supporting them.

Walsh is a big fan of Hillary Clinton, whose legal and electoral situations seem to get more dire with each passing week. In Walsh-World, Mrs. Clinton is having problems garnering "white working class" Democrats because of racism. But of course, she won't directly say that. Instead, she issued the following passive-aggressive tweet, followed by the oh-so-predictable "Who, me?" response (HT Breitbart via Instapundit):



Sorry, Joan, you're the one who focused on the "white working class," and not "working class" people in general.

If "white working class" people have a problem with who Hillary Clinton served, it has to do with a whole host of matters other than his race. They're the same problems any person in the working class, or any class, should have with Obama, including but by no means limited to:

  • A needlessly extended recession, followed by the worst recovery since World War II.
  • An additional $8.3 trillion added to the national debt, on track to push $8.8 trillion or so by the time he leaves office.
  • His adamant refusal to address runaway entitlements, a problem which is perilously close to becoming insoluble without a train-wreck event.
  • His insistence on pursuing racial polarization, which people of goodwill abhor regardless of their own race or ethnicity.
  • His war on coal, which has sent tens of thousands of people directly to the unemployment lines and artificially raised the utility bills of millions of Americans, hitting the poor by far the hardest.
  • The Dodd-Frank law, which has held back the economy while stifling entrepreneurship and business formation.
  • A far greater interest in taking guns away from law-abiding people than in keeping the country safe from Islamic terror.
  • His de facto open borders immigration stances and their impact on day-to-day border operations, which have deteriorated to the point where Border Patrol agents are saying we have de facto open borders already.
  • On balance, the sinking feeling that the world they leave their children and grandchildren will, for the first time in many generations, be a poorer and meaner place.

President Obama's problems with America's "working class" have little to do with race — except for his uncalled-for insistence on injecting it into situations where it shouldn't be relevant — and everything to do with his ruinous policies.

As for Mrs. Clinton's problems with "working class" people of all races, there's this from Julie Pace at the Associated Press Wednesday — and this is from someone who has up until now mostly been waving pom-poms at the prospect of President Hillary:


Hillary Clinton's campaign has spent months fighting the perception that she has a shaky relationship with the truth and is disconnected from the problems facing Americans.

So far, the campaign's effort hasn't worked.

Memo to Joan Walsh: It hasn't worked because Hillary Clinton does have a shaky relationship with the truth going back at least two decades — one could credibly argue that any intersection between the truth and anything Mrs. Clinton says or does is purely accidental — and because, after many years of grifting, she and her husband are utterly disconnected from everyday Americans' problems.

Mrs. Clinton's problems attracting voter support have nothing to do with President Obama's race, or Mrs. Clinton being a woman, or any of the other divisive excuses Joan Walsh might concoct.

But I do hope Ms. Walsh continues to flail away in her utterly absurd manner. It's quite entertaining, and obviously embarrassing to her and her pet candidates and causes.

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