Here’s the CRAZIEST Moments from MSNBC’s Super Tuesday Primetime Coverage

March 6th, 2024 6:44 PM

For Super Tuesday, MSNBC had special coverage all night (and overnight) of the results that cemented a general election rematch between President Biden and former President Trump. But since the results in over a dozen states were rather perfunctory and down ballot primaries drew only mild interest, MSNBC’s cast of far-left sycophants and psychopaths had a lot of down time.

Between 7:00 p.m. and midnight Eastern time frame alone, MSNBC mocked illegal immigration as a concern for voters, condescendingly claimed “migrant crime is not a thing”, argued Republicans vote based on race to hurt people of color, fawned over Congressman Colin Allred (D-TX) as Senator Ted Cruz’s (R-TX) “worst nightmare,” and argued Americans are too stupid to realize the reason their pay raises are because of Joe Biden, not merit.

Below is a Notable Quotables-style item on some of the worst zingers, presented in no particular order.

MSNBC Hosts MOCK Immigration Being the Top Issue for Voters



Inside host and former Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki: “[Trump] can’t run against the other and brown people and people who don’t look like him, like his supporters — his base of supporters coming across the — the border and scaring people and killing people or whatever he’s threatening out there. If you look at some of these exit polls — I mean, I live in Virginia. Immigration was the number one issue.”

ReidOut host Joy Reid: “Yes.”

Psaki: “Again, these could change in — in Virginia.”

Rachel Maddow: “Well, Virginia does have a border with West Virginia. Very contested area.”

Reid: “Build the wall!”

Psaki: “But you’re thinking like — what? When I was in New Hampshire, people were talking about the northern border as a threat because Trump has indoctrinated people with this fear of people who do not like — look like them — being a threat to them.”

— Conversation at 9:18 p.m. Eastern.

Far-Left Voting ‘Uncommitted’ Is Noble, ‘Most Polite...Way’ to Scold Biden

“Well, so the Democratic Party and the Democratic presidents have a unique problem, which is the ability to disappoint their voters more quickly than Republicans do. And that’s because of the activist government that Democratic presidents pursue. They are trying to do more. They will talk to you about forgiving your student loans, and it turns out, you know, they ended up forgiving her student loans but not mine because of these complexities of rules. And so there’s a possibility of a greater sense of dissatisfaction generally with the Democratic presidents...[I]f you promise something...and you don’t do it, there’s the sense of failure...The uncommitted is simply the most polite possible way you can say to a Democratic president in the presidential primary, I’m not happy with you. We’ve seen the rude ways, you know, starting in 1968. It’s with real candidates running against the incumbent president who get real votes and do real damage.”

The Last Word host Lawrence O’Donnell, 8:26 p.m. Eastern.

‘Grifters’ Alito, Thomas Want to Elect Trump So They Can ‘Retire’, Win ‘Wonderful Vacays’

“The Supreme Court sits atop it all, trying to ensure the longevity of Republican government, because that is how they get their wonderful vacays and they’re going to do whatever they can to make sure that Donald Trump comes in, so that those two grifters on the Court — if I might say — to retire and have 30-year-old versions of themselves to replicate the grift.”

— Reid, 11:53 p.m. Eastern.

Racism, Hurting Black People — Not Christ — Is Top Issue for Evangelical Americans

“I’ve just been, like, very interested in the roots of how evangelicals became such a potent political force. And, in some ways, it’s a homecoming for them, right? The — it was 1980 and it was really school desegregation efforts and it was the Bob Jones fight against the IRS that brought evangelicals into the movement.....Bob Jones, Christian University, and they basically outlawed interracial dating on the campus of Bob Jones University. There was another school involved in the suit that didn’t allow black people in the school at all. That was the thing. Not abortion, not busing, but really desegregation was the thing that brought evangelicals into the — into political movement of the right-wing under the auspices of, you know, free religion and free speech and what Christian, you know, institutions should be allowed to do. But really, at its core, it was race. And, in some ways, you know, we think about evangelicals and Trump as being so different — right — these godly, you know, faithful people, and this unfaithful person who’s been found guilty in civil trials of sexual assault — the issue of race animates Donald Trump. The issue of race has long animated the evangelical movement. And, in some ways, it makes perfect sense that you are seeing the unity that you are today.”

Alex Wagner Tonight host Alex Wagner, 9:16 p.m. Eastern.

Maddow MELTS DOWN Over MSNBC Overruling Her, Carrying Trump Speech

Maddow: “We are keeping an eye right on Trump campaign headquarters where — I believe, we are expecting remarks — remarks have just started for former President Donald Trump. Let’s — let’s — let’s listen in.”

Maddow: “Yeah, okay. Um, you know, it’s — it’s — it is — uh — okay. I will say it is a decision that we revisit constantly in terms of the balance between allowing somebody to knowingly lie on your air about things they’ve lied about before and you can predict they are going to lie about, and so, therefore, it is irresponsible to allow them to do that. It’s a balance between knowing that that is irresponsible to broadcast and also knowing that as the de facto — soon to be de facto nominee of the Republican Party, this is not only the man who is likely to be the Republican candidate for president, but this is the way he’s running.”

The 11th Hour host Stephanie Ruhle: “Well, here’s how to balance it. Why don’t we fact-check the hell out of him.”

Maddow: “Yes, and we do that after the fact. And that is the best remedy that we’ve got. It does not fix the fact that we broadcast it, honestly.”

— 10:17 p.m. Eastern.

‘Crisis of Civics’; Dumb Americans Are ‘The Problem’, ‘Credit Themselves’ For Pay Bumps, Not Biden



Ruhle: “And so, what Donald Trump does is prey upon the fact that people don’t necessarily feel good and life’s expensive. But, when it comes to facts, here’s something that’s absolutely nonsensical and infuriating. When people’s wages go up, they credit themselves. They say, I’m good at my job. I just got a raise. But when everything costs more, they blame the government.”

Maddow: “Right.”

Ruhle: “And wages are up, which is a huge positive and one of the reasons wage — one of those reasons that wages are up is all of the union wins in the last few years. And, remember, President Biden has stood with those unions.”

— 10:27 p.m. Eastern.

Ruhle: “So, yes, we, like everybody else rightfully say this White House has to get their messaging down but the American people also have to realize, ‘holy cow. Look at all these great things that have just happened for me.’ Did they think that happened out of thin air?”

Maddow: “Right. Yeah.”

O’Donnell: “Yes.”

Maddow: “Drug price —”

O’Donnell: “They do.”

Reid: “They do, yes.”

O’Donnell: “That’s the problem.”

Ruhle: “They do.”

Maddow: “They personalize the benefits.”

O’Donnell: “The — I mean, for example, when — when those credit card bank fee — when that kicks in, no one’s going to — I mean, the people who need a look at that statement go, ‘oh, Joe Biden did that.’ They’re not going to have any idea who did that —”

Ruhle: “They won’t.”

O’Donnell: “— and they won’t know.”

Ruhle: “No.”

Ruhle: “Because people don’t know — they don’t have government work. We do have a crisis of civics in this country. Some people actually don’t know how these things change. And there is a — a — sort of — there’s a systematic problem that politics — we talked about this before — is broken because the connection between politics and the things that happen in my life has been severed....So, the things that hurt them, the things that make it harder to afford your life, they blame Biden. But the things that help, they think — as you said, ‘I did great at my job. I did this.’”

Ruhle: “‘I got a raise.’”

Reid: “‘I created, I got a raise,’ but there isn’t a connection between the way that the government actually functions which is what Democrats are good at and the way you feel, which is what Republicans are good at.”

— Panel-wide meltdown, 10:36 p.m. Eastern.

Insisting ‘Migrant Crime Is Not a Thing’, ‘Xenophobia’ to Say Otherwise




Maddow: “[W]hen there’s — particularly when a Democratic incumbent, we get reminded about the borders and the borders become a thing again. And then, if there’s a Republican in office, we don’t think about it anymore. It’s the deficit and the border. You make these things an issue, you make them into boogeymen, you make them into something that grabs you from under the bed at night as soon as you wake up. As long as there’s a Democratic incumbent to blame on it, you make sure that nothing is ever done to fix either and then you hope that people stop talking about them once you’ve got a Republican in office.”

Deadline: White House host Nicolle Wallace: “But the Republicans —”

Maddow: “It’s the same thing my entire adult life.”

Wallace: “— but they — but they — the only difference now is they — they drop the every four years part. And, now, I mean, all the programming about cities with the [inaudible] threat of crime — and — crime — and their theory.”

Maddow: “But, meanwhile, on Earth one —

Wallace [Laughing]: “Yeah.”

Maddow: “— the FBI reports that crime in America is at a 50 year low —“

Psaki: “And migrant crime is not a thing.”

Maddow: “— migrant crime is not a thing.”

Psaki: “It’s not.”

Maddow: “And you live on Earth one. But this is a very complicated concept, I know —  [PANEL LAUGHS] — because Fox News is right there.”

— Conversation on illegal immigration, 9;19 p.m. Eastern.

O’Donnell: “Cities are overrun with crime. Crime is down — you know, put the — put the FBI statistics —”

Maddow: “Violent crime is at a 50-year-low, okay?”

O’Donnell: “— at a 50 year low. Unemployment is at a 50 year low. You just plug them in and just roll his speech and just let those things cycle by while he’s talking.”

Wagner: “It’s — it’s more than just crime is down. Just last week, NBC News came out with a study that said, in the cities that receive the most migrants — crime is down. The DOJ has a report in the cities that have received the most migrants, there is no — homicide rates, robbery, there is no there there. Biden migrant crime is going be — that’s his new line And let’s not forget the xenophobia inherent in all this, the racism that’s inherent in all this. Not only is it incumbent on the news media to correct the record, it is also incumbent upon the Biden administration because, thus far, they have really played footsie with this narrative that there — I mean, there is a problem with our immigration system. It, of course, needs to be fixed. Immigrants are also central to the American economy and they are not, you know — they are single-handedly the cause of fentanyl coming over the border. They are not all criminal. They are not laying waste to American project and it — it is incumbent upon all of us who care about the truth on Earth one to — to push back and correct the record on a group of people that has been maligned in spectacular fashion.”

— Back-and-forth at 10:31 p.m. Eastern.

Texas Wonderboy Allred Will Be ‘Worst Nightmare’ for ‘AWOL,’ ‘Deeply Unpopular’ Cruz

Maddow: “And, in the middle of this is the deeply, deeply, deeply unpopular incumbent Unite States Senator, Ted Cruz, who is up this year. And he is about to get a Democratic challenger based on what happens in the Democratic primary tonight. And that Democratic challenger is going to be riding off the draft of Beto O’Rourke having run in 2018 and having gotten within three points of Ted Cruz.”

All In host Chris Hayes: “And I — I really do think — and I think one of the things we’ve really have seen over and over again in this era is candidate quality really does matter. All of this stuff is kind of baked in up to 45, 46, 44 percent and then, the marginal points matter a lot. And, in a state like Texas, if you’re running — for’ve got a huge uphill battle. But there’s a reason that Ted Cruz underperforms what the baseline should be for a Texas statewide officeholder, which he does. And that is he is not that appealing to a lot of people. And that’s a — he’s going to have vulnerabilities.

Maddow: “I mean, aside form his fantastic personality.”

Hayes: “Well, he’s also doing, like — I — seriously — we checked this the other day. He’s doing, like, nine podcasts per week. I swear to God the guy doesn’t even want to be a U.S. Senator. He just gets in that big goofy chair and does his Verdict podcast, like, four times a week.”

— Cruz-bashing discussion, 8:50 p.m. Eastern.

Wallace: “[W]hen I was still in Republican politics, Ted Cruz is the most hated Republican among Republicans. I mean, Republicans can’t stand him. So, whatever we have to say about hi, it’s — it’s tenfold on the Republican side. And it’s not like Texas hasn’t had crises. They’ve had deadly storms. They’ve had deadly power outages and he’s been AWOL, like, on vacation. So, he’s got a lot of baggage and — and — and headwinds inside the Republican Party and he’s done a very bad job for the state.”

Reid: “So, is Colin Allred the kind of candidate — I mean, former football player —”

Wallace: “I think so. And, I mean, from Dal — I mean, he’s sort of in that beating-heart of the state. He’s very Texas-y.”

— More Cruz bashing, 8:52 p.m. Eastern.

“NBC News can project the winner of the Democratic U.S. Senate primary in Texas will be Colin Allred...He turfed out a Republican congressman to get into Congress in the first place. He’s a moderate. He’s a very effective campaigner. He’s a very good fundraiser...and he is Ted Cruz’s worst nightmare in terms of Ted Cruz holding onto his seat in Texas.”

— Maddow, 10:04 p.m. Eastern.

Republicans Vote Based ‘On Racial Animus’ Against ‘Brown People’, Not ‘Economics’



“You’re seeing this of sort a disconnect between a President that is a white working-class guy himself and keeps doing all these things that disproportionately benefit white, working-class Americans in red states and their reaction to him is they hate him...[I]t is because the most economically vulnerable voters tend to be young voters who tend to be more voters of color...[Republicans] don’t vote based on economics or based on the benefits they are getting economically from the President. They are increasingly, from the Tea Party on, they are voting on race. They’re voting on this idea of an invasion of brown people over the border. The idea that they can’t get whatever job they want, a black person got it, therefore, drive blacks out of the colleges. Get rid of DEI. That is what they are voting on. They’re just voting on specifically on racial animus which, at this stage, it isn’t about economics.”

— Reid, 9:17 p.m. Eastern.

Biden’s Done ‘More...Than Any Modern President’; Trump, Not COVID, Caused Bad Border, Economy

“[I] you want to do another chart of when you saw the spike in border crossings because it was down to record numbers under George W. Bush and President Obama, it spiked again because of COVID. COVID is the spike again. Just look at the chart. All of these crises that — Donald Trump inherited a strong, growing economy and managed to ruin it by ruining — by — by messing up his one crisis, which was COVID, which is why the border went crazy. It’s why inflation went crazy. All of those crises that Joe Biden has had to fix. Joe Biden’s job creation rate is second only to Bill Clinton. He’s not only done, you know, fixed it. He’s actually has been more successful as a domestic policy President than any modern president. All of the things Donald Trump is taking credit for on the campaign trail are Biden things and Joe Biden needs to run out there and take credit for it.”

— Reid, 10;32 p.m. Eastern.

Democrats Need to Grow Up, Cut the ‘Neurosis and Anxiety’ With Biden

Wallace: “It’s, like, one of the most toxic things out there for Democrats, and it is one of still sort of the DNA differences between the two parties that remain...Republicans still fall in line. Democrats still wait to fall — not just in love. Because I think they do love Biden. They think he’s a good man and they love his agenda. They want to be madly in love. And they’re waiting for —”

Reid: “They want to be excited.”

Wallace: “— they want — they — they are — it is so toxic for as many Democrats as I run into just anecdotally, and I think it shows up in some of the polls, to be waiting about, casting about for some scenario that is never going to happen.”

Reid: “That is never going to happen.”

Hayes: “There’s also just a wild asymmetry in the levels of neurosis and anxiety.”

Reid: “Oh, yeah.”

Hayes: “Just, like manifested time and time again, it’s like a deep political truth about the two coalitions, about how sort of anxious and second-guessing and self-guessing the Democratic Party coalition — its elites, its sort of spokespeople — like — the — the — the intellectuals — right — compared to just the sheer lack of any of that, particularly in the...MAGA world.”

— Conversations about party psychology, 8:04 p.m. Eastern.