Just In Time for March for Life: With More Facts, Millennials Less Pro-Abortion

January 16th, 2019 3:30 PM

There’s good news and bad news if you’re one of the tens of thousands of pro-lifers headed for Friday’s annual March for Life in D.C. The good news is that the more young people know about abortion, the more likely they are to oppose it. The bad: the media knows that too. So no matter how huge your March is or how compelling your facts, they’re not going to give you a fair shake.

According to a recent study by Students for Life For America, millennials are more open to changing their minds on abortion when given the facts about the atrocious “medical procedure.” The 2019 study found that about “7 of 10 millennials support limits on abortion” and that “only 7-percent shared the position of the Democratic party” on the issue.

That’s why the media is desperate to distract from or under-report anything pro-life, from video proof of Planned Parenthood’s fetal chop-shop business to the simple fact that the March for Life draws up to hundreds of thousands of people in all kinds of January weather, and has done since 1973. Meanwhile, the media lavish coverage on lefty events like the Women’s March or the anti gun March for Our Lives.

The Christian Post reported that Students for Life revealed poll results on Monday that demonstrated that most of the pro-abortion perspective among millenials is “based largely on ignorance.” Although a 2018 Vox poll showed that 67% of millennials favor legal abortion, the pro-life group gave evidence that “when educated about the realities of abortion, opposition to the 1973 Supreme Court decision legalizing abortion rises sharply.”

Students for Life’s Institute for Pro-life Advancement began their study with an official figure of baseline pro-choice sentiment among individuals in their 20s and 30s, recording that 40% supported the 1973 Supreme Court Decision, 12% completely opposed, and the remaining 48% were neutral on the issue.

“However, after being informed that Roe allows for abortion though all nine months of pregnancy, opposition to Roe jumped to 51-percent and support fell to 35-percent.” The report also found that when millennials were told that abortion was marketed synonymously with contraception, or the fact that a mother could kill her child if it wasn’t the desired sex, “opposition rose to 54-percent.”

Writer Julie Roys elaborated on the phenomena, arguing that people just aren’t receiving a clear picture on the actual horrors of abortion. “For example, most believe it’s illegal to abort babies in the third trimester, even though it’s not,” she wrote. “Few know, for example, that a second trimester abortion involves dismembering a baby in the womb and removing it piece by piece.”

More facts revealed in the poll show that “nearly three times more prefer that their tax dollars to go to qualified health centers than abortion giant, Planned Parenthood,” only 7% support that Democrat position that abortion should be “allowed without any exceptions and funded by tax dollars,” and that “56-percent oppose selling chemical abortion drugs online.”

It’s both heartening and dreadful that professing such realities elicits such a dramatic response. It’s good to know that in what seems to be an ever-more desensitized society, kids still abhor murder. On the flipside, it’s scary to see just how suffocating the pro-choice propaganda really is.