Fox's 'Family Guy' Attacks 'Garbage People From Fox News'

October 10th, 2022 11:58 AM

On Sunday, Fox's Family Guy attacked Fox News in a raunchy scene in which Peter and Lois call out the names of Fox News hosts while they copulate.

In the episode, "A Wife-Changing Experience," Peter Griffin (Seth MacFarlane) and his wife Lois (Alex Borstein) run into each other in a police van after being arrested for separate incidents of lewd behavior. 

While in the van, they become passionate. As they are about to have sex, they discover Principal Shepherd (Gary Cole) is in the van too.

Principal Shepherd was arrested for slapping a waitress who would not turn on Fox News. Lois and Peter cry out names of "garbage people from Fox News" for Principal Shepherd's titillation.

Peter: You're in here too.

Principal Shepherd: Yeah, I got into a slap fight with the Applebee's hostess because they wouldn't turn on Fox News. 

Lois: Y-you know what, we'll wait till we get home. (Chuckles) We're so sorry. 

Principal Shepherd: For what? I didn't tell you to stop. 

Lois: Um... Okay. (Moaning) Oh, Peter! 

Peter: Oh, Lois! 

Principal Shepherd: Can you call out the names of garbage people from Fox News? 

Lois: Oh, Hannity! 

Peter: Oh, Tucker! 

Lois: Oh, Judge Jeanine! 

Peter: Oh, Steve Doocy! 

Lois: Uh, who's that terrible blonde lady whose own family hates her? 

Principal Shepherd: Laura Ingraham. 

Lois: Oh, Laura Ingraham! 

Previous episodes of Family Guy have mocked Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, among other conservative targets. In the past, creator Seth MacFarlane has assailed Laura Ingraham on Twitter and called Fox News "incredibly destructive."

Family Guy's new fall season is only three episodes in, and it has already lashed out at conservatives in two of them. Last week, the show portrayed Trump supporters as frightening creatures in MAGA hats threatening the Griffin family. 

Family Guy is actually at its best when it ditches such left-wing hate and turns its satire on unexpected woke targets like the trans agenda or feminist pieties. Unfortunately, this new season has yet to show such daring and is instead relying on the spent force of MacFarlane's own left-wing agenda.