Family Guy Jokes Transgenders Given Pass to ‘Do Whatever You Want All the Time’

October 6th, 2019 11:49 PM

This week’s Family Guy episode, “Bri-Da,” on October 6, knocked the woke crowd with jokes about transgender PC madness.

Previously, Quagmire’s father “transitioned” from being “Dan” to “Ida.” When Ida is at a bar looking at pornographic images on her phone that her adult son accidentally uploaded, the bartender tells her, “Excuse me, ma'am, no porn at the bar.” “Oh, it's okay, I'm transgender,” Ida replies. “Oh, I-I had no idea,” the bartender apologetically answers, “Do whatever you want all the time.” The scene is a hilarious send-up of the way the current LGBT crowd demands that individuals walk-on eggshells over this new social contagion.



Meanwhile, Brian the dog resumes his sexual relationship with Ida from a previous season. He worries that somebody will find out he is having “goofball sex” after room service rings the doorbell of their hotel room. Later, he decides to go public. His family lets him know it is okay because it's 2019 and “things that were gross five years ago are now heroic.”

In a funny dinner-date segment, the waiter desperately tries to figure out what sex Ida is. “The fish is for the gentleman, and the chicken is for the lady,” he’s told by the chef. He walks out towards the table, hears Ida speak and immediately returns back into the kitchen. He is finally able to give the proper meals only when Brian says he got the fish. 

Family Guy still tries to not get into too much trouble with the PC police. Quagmire eventually tells Ida that she is “a beautiful, intelligent woman” with all sincerity even though the incident with the waiter tells otherwise.

Nonetheless, “Bri-Da,” is an improvement over the last episode with Ida which faithfully played-out all the transgender PC pieties. Maybe even left-wing Seth MacFarlane has begun to realize that the humorlessness of his own side has gone too far.