Family Guy Episode Mocks MAGA Supporters as Mindless Parrots

October 2nd, 2022 10:41 PM

Fox's Family Guy took a cheap shot at Trump voters last night in a scene that mocked MAGA supporters as mindless parrots.

In last night's episode, "Bend or Blockbuster," the Griffin family travels across the country to Bend, Oregon to rent a movie from the last Blockbuster in existence.

About halfway along the trip, they stop off at a diner where they meet mindless automatons in MAGA hats squawking the word "Trump!" over and over again.

Peter: One of the perks of a cross country trip is stopping for a meal and meeting the friendly folks who make up the heart and soul of our country. Hello, we're from the Northeast. (Dramatic music playing) Okay, then. (Whispering): We'll do 55 pancakes to go. 

Diner customers (Squawking): Trump! -Trump! -Trump! -Trump. -Trump. -Trump! -Trump! -Trump! -Trump! Trump! -Trump! -Trump! -Trump! -Trump! -Trump! -Trump! (Overlapping squawking) -Trump! -Trump! -Trump... 

Anybody too young to remember America before 2015 does not know that there was a time in the United States when one side did not routinely attack and malign the voters of a candidate rather than just the candidate himself.

For seven years, leftist-controlled cultural institutions have viciously ridiculed and attacked the millions of individuals who voted for Donald Trump or supported parts of his agenda. During these years, Trump supporters have also endured verbal threats and physical violence

President Trump's successor, Joe Biden, routinely exhibits in public signs of cognitive decline. Yet Family Guy is oddly uninterested in the comedic potential of a bit about President Biden or his defenders.

Is it really too much to ask in 2022 for Family Guy to take a break from its hatred of Trump and his supporters to maybe write a scene or two about the current president?