No Thank U! Ariana Grande Donates Atlanta Concert Proceeds to Planned Parenthood

June 13th, 2019 9:00 AM

Fans should say, “No Thank U, Next” to pop singer Ariana Grande and stop buying her tickets now that we know the proceeds go directly to America’s biggest abortion business.

This week it was announced that about $250,000 of the proceeds from Grande’s June 8 concert in Atlanta will go to Planned Parenthood, presumably in response to the state’s new pro-life heartbeat bill.

Heralding the news, The A.V. Club thanked Grande and dramatically began their article about the donation: “With reproductive rights in peril in a number of states, organizations like Planned Parenthood are grateful for any help at all.” Right, with $1.67 billion in total revenue, $563.8 million of that coming from taxpayers, Planned Parenthood is clearly a cash-strapped organization desperate for funds!

Planned Parenthood President Leana Wen said in a statement:

Ariana Grande’s generous donation comes at a critical time—in Georgia and across the country, anti-women’s health politicians are trying to ban all safe, legal abortion… Thanks to inspiring support like hers, Planned Parenthood can continue to fight back—in the courts, in Congress, in state houses, and in the streets — against these dangerous attacks on people’s health and lives.

With a third of the nation’s almost one million yearly abortions performed by Planned Parenthood alone (332,757 in FY2017), it’s pretty clear that it is the organization itself that is a danger to health and lives.

Nevertheless, celebrities are still out shilling for the abortion giant. Just to cite two recent examples from last week, Miley Cyrus announced she was teaming up with fashion brand Marc Jacobs to support Planned Parenthood and Lucifer star Tom Ellis asked fans to send money to Planned Parenthood for his wedding.

And, of course, Hollywood has attempted to launch boycotts and sex strikes over the new life-saving bills being signed in places like Georgia and Alabama. Directors J.J. Abrams and Jordan Peele similarly announced they will donate their episodic fees from filming in Georgia to the ACLU and Fair Fight Georgia.

This isn’t the first time the “Thank U, Next” singer has taken a controversial stance. Grande, known for her very sexual songs – including last year’s “God Is a Woman” which she provocatively performed with a “The Last Supper” theme at the MTV VMAsrenounced Catholicism in 2014 because of her gay brother. Back in 2015, Grande also had to apologize for saying, "I hate Americans" and "I hate America."

In September 2015, Grande tweeted that she stands with Planned Parenthood because, “Women need to be educated, healthy, and empowered.” Women don’t need to kill their unborn children to do that and believing that lie has left far too many filled with so much pain and grief they have “No Tears Left to Cry.”