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Kristine Marsh is an analyst for the Media Research Center's News Analysis Division. She formerly was a staff writer for MRC Culture, where she started as an intern in January of 2013.  Kristine's work has been featured by media outlets such as Fox News, The Wall Street JournalThe Washington Times, The Blaze, and Breitbart, among others. She is originally from Sacramento, California where she received her B.A. in English from CSUS in 2011. She can be reached through email at

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You’ve heard of ‘white privilege’ maybe even ‘male privilege’ or ‘straight privilege.’ It’s a term liberals foist upon people who supposedly have better lives to the disadvantage of others, simply because they fit into a mainstream demographic. Mostly, it’s a grad-level way of saying, “Shut up.” 

And of course, liberals being liberals, they’re always looking to expand the whining franchise (or should that be disenfranchise?)

Lefty writer finds something new to whine about.

It’s not just Groundhog Day. In Texas, Gov. Greg Abbott declared Friday that Feb. 2 would be “Chris Kyle Day” in honor of the war hero and Texan whose life story was told in the film “American Sniper.” 

Of course, to a lot of liberals, it really, emphatically is Groundhog Day (and not just because leftist New York Mayor Bill De Blasio has a confirmed groundhog kill.) To them, America is always wrong, our military is always composed of psychos, idiots or victims, and the idea of heroism always makes them uncomfortable.

Editor’s note: This article contains profanity and graphic sexual language.

At the same time that NBC is filming an Ellen Degeneres-produced comedy about “a single gay woman who expands her family with the help of her straight best friend,” ABC has it’s own gay sitcom in tow. But unlike the mild DeGeneres, ABC has bizarrely chosen vile sex columnist Dan Savage to be the subject of a sitcom in the Fall 2015 lineup. This is the same man who was promoting his annual pornography film festival “Hump!” (Yes, you read that right) all last year.

That’s not everything you need to know about Savage. Besides hosting a podcast and writing a sex advice column for Portland’s alternative weekly, “The Stranger,” Savage is a militant gay activist who uses the column and Twitter to bully and harass Christians and conservatives. He famously named the byproduct of anal sex “Santorum,” because then-Senator Rick Santorum had made a comment Savage didn’t like. Further, he said he wished he could have “hate sex” with the former Senator:

Every year the media ignore the thousands who gather on the National Mall to celebrate life – in 2015, an estimated 200,000 gathered and ABC and NBC refused to acknowledge the March for Life. While conservative and religious organizations covered the annual event, one story that is often untold is the personal. This year, MRC Culture’s Katie Yoder spoke with six women eager to share their stories of heartbreak and hope on the other side of abortion – the perspectives the media want to censor.

Mary Rathke, a pro-life speaker who was conceived through rape, had some strong words for the pro-life movement: “Even those in the pro-life movement think it’s OK to abort me. Because I hear all the time, ‘I’m pro-life, except in the case of rape.’ I’m really hearing, ‘I’m pro-life, except in the case of Mary Rathke.”

Pro-life women speak out against media’s treatment of them.

The religious fundamentalists are coming! The religious fundamentalists are coming! Daily Beast writer Dean Obeidallah frantically warns, in his Jan. 27 piece “Bobby Jindal Wants to Fistfight Your God." Obeidallah clearly imagines himself some kind of Paul Revere warning America of the impending doom at the hands of ISIS-like Christians and the rest of the media is locking step in his mission to expose Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s “hate.” So what did Jindal do to earn so much condemnation? Well he was caught leading a prayer rally in Baton Rouge over the weekend, in an event hosted by the American Family Association (“AFA”.) Truly deplorable stuff. 

That’s because the AFA is a hate group and Jindal should know better than speaking for such a radical group. He might as well be speaking at a pro-ISIS rally, according to Obeidallah. 

Did you know the March for Life was all about rape? Neither did I. But that is the impression one would get if they read the media’s take on the annual pro-life event. Instead of reporting on the tens to hundreds of thousands of pro-life demonstrators at the event this year or even the theme of the 42nd year of the march, “Every life is a gift” the media barely mentioned the actual march and instead focused on a tiny group of counter-demonstrators and a pro-life bill that got dropped right before the event because it didn’t make an exception for rape cases. 

But skewing numbers and shifting attention is normal routine for the media who aim to misrepresent the march to make the largest annual protest seem insignificant and unworthy.

Even some on the left are starting to call out the ridiculous, distorting nature of the politically correct White House. Following the Charlie Hebdo shootings a few weeks ago, White House officials and President Obama were “reticent” to even mention the word “Islam,” said liberal Jon Stewart.

Last week, after reporters pressed White House Press Sec. Josh Earnest to identify the obvious nature of the crime, Earnest dodged. “I’m describing a reason why we have not chosen to use that label because it doesn’t seem to accurately describe what had happened.”

Last July, Alabama amended House Bill 494 to allow attorneys to represent the rights of the unborn child in cases where a minor was seeking an abortion. Predictably, the media certainly reacted negatively, calling it heinous, absurd, and insane

On the Jan.15, “Daily Show,” correspondent Jessica Williams interviewed both sides – an Alabama civil rights attorney in favor of the law, Julian McPhillips, and Susan Watson, Exec. Director of the ACLU in Alabama, who is challenging the law.

The right to life is a real side-splitter for lib show.

Friday is National Religious Freedom Day, and what better time to consider where threats to American religious freedom originate. (Hint – it’s not with Bible-thumping Baptist preachers or dogmatic Catholic cardinals.)

Progressives, who love to congratulate themselves on their tolerance and pluralism, are increasing intolerant when it comes to religion – or Christianity, anyway. Muslims seem to get a pass. On college campuses, Christian groups that refuse to allow non-believers to become officers have been forced to disband. In South Carolina, the atheist group Freedom from Religion Foundation pressured a privately-owned restaurant to cease offering discounts to customers who pray before their meals. The groups suggested Mary’s Gourmet Diner was in violation of the Civil Rights Act.

The deadly Islamist terror attack last week against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo is forcing many in the media to make hard choices about reporting on or portraying Islam. Showtime’s primetime drama “Homeland,” which deals with terrorist plots threatening the U.S., is weighing the decision to avoid any plots dealing with Islamic terror in the upcoming season, Entertainment Weekly and the Daily Mail reported. 

According to Showtime President David Nevins, the show’s writers might take a break from the show’s central conflicts between Muslim and U.S. relations in the upcoming fifth season and may find a new international threat instead, “for creative reasons.” Fox News’ Sean Hannity blasted the decision as the “exactly the worse thing to do” that “empowers” terrorists, using the backlash from the Sony Pictures “The Interview” debacle as a similar example. 

Network omits another politically incorrect story.

NBC seems to have a particular affinity for slyly removing the word “God” from the Pledge of Allegiance. During the U.S. Open golf tournament in 2011, viewers immediately noticed and called out NBC for editing out the phrase “under God” during the recital of the anthem.  Maybe since it’s been four years, NBC thinks it can get away with it again, because a promo for one of NBC’s new primetime shows again omits “under God” during a reciting of the pledge. Ironically, the show is called “Allegiance.” 

Whenever a terrorist attack happens, it seems like the media jump through hoops to whitewash the incident to avoid using the dreaded “I” word. While it’s obvious to the public that the guy shouting “Allahu Akbar” during a televised beheading is probably not a practicing Methodist, the media would first speculate that he might be a white conservative, as they initially did with the Boston bombing. The latest deadly shooting on a French newspaper office that killed12 people is turning out to be another case of the media protecting radical Muslims. 

Just yesterday, left-wing news blog Raw Story ran a story that asked why Fox News was obsessed with Islamic terrorist attacks. What perfect timing! Blogger Eric W. Dolan attacked Fox for blaming a beheading that occurred in September on Islamic terrorism. 

Raw Story complains that the right ‘doth protest too much.’

Once again, the left is eager to use tragedy to make political statements and damage innocent people’s reputations.

Just before the new year, 17-year-old Josh “Leelah” Alcorn tragically committed suicide. Alcorn’s tumblr account revealed a suicide note that blamed the Christian parents for not letting the biologically male Alcorn get gender reassignment surgery and instead took Alcorn to Christian counseling which made the teen “hate religion,” the note charged.

Classic example of the left using tragedy to make political and social revolution

There are many provocative billboards in Times Square, especially around the holidays. Rarely do they have a positive message. But a new billboard by one Christian group might make the millions of tourists visiting this New Year’s Eve think twice.