Behar: ‘Why Would’ Norwegians Come Here? ‘They’re Trying to Improve Their Lives, Not Make It Worse’

Amidst all the hoopla over President Trump’s crass comments about which immigrants the United States should let in, The View host Joy Behar ignorantly claimed that Norwegian immigrants wouldn’t want to come to America anyway, because their country is superior to the United States.

Fellow host Whoopi Goldberg blasted Trump for singling out Norwegians as the kind of immigrants America wants, saying that it was a clear affront to “brown people.” She claimed that Norwegian immigrants aren’t coming here for Trump anyway.

“And Sir, just so you know, they don't want you to be their president. They -- they're not coming here for that. That's not why folks from Norway are coming here,” Whoopi ranted.

But Behar gushed that Norway was a socialist utopia, with “free health care” and “free education” so why would anyone from there want to come here?

They don't have to come here. They have free health care. They have sane gun laws there. They have child care. They have free education. Why would they come here to this country?” host Joy Behar gushed.

“They have socialism,” McCain murmured, but was talked over. Behar then let slip her anti-patriotic beliefs, saying, “People come here because they’re trying to improve their lives. Not make it worse.”



However it’s not true that Norway has “free” health care. That is only true for minors under sixteen years old and pregnant women. Everyone else has to pay a high yearly deductible before they get any access to the “free” care. In addition, any specialized doctors and dental care is not covered by their national health care plan.

Of course what the left always leaves out, is the fact that the burden for the cost of these “free” social programs always falls onto the taxpayers of the country. Norway's citizens pay much more in their personal income taxes than U.S. citizens do.

Behar wasn’t the only liberal making this fallacy. Author Stephen King made the same cheap shot on Twitter:

To make her plea for socialism even more ridiculous, Behar then argued that immigrants from Europe, like her family, who came from Italy, came because of their countries’ bad economies and lack of jobs.

But Behar doesn’t make the connection that maybe their economies are worse than here exactly because of these “free” social programs. She gushed:

The other thing is, every group that's come here has come from a country for a reason. Like I just said. They're not coming from Sweden. Either, you'll notice. My family came from Italy. The reason they came here is not because Italy is [ muted ]. Italy is not anywhere near that. But -- my family came here because they couldn't find work in Italy. In southern Italy. If you go the north, to Florence, Milan, people are doing much better up there. If you were from my part of Italy, my family, they had no jobs!


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