This Year's Most Outrageously Biased Moments on ABC's 'The View'

December 22nd, 2017 6:30 AM

The liberal bias on ABC’s daytime talk show The View is so outrageous, it’s hard to single out just what qualifies as the worst examples of it that occurred this year. 

However, these ten segments from the past year made the cut for their over-the-top liberal "truth-telling" or mind-numbingly stupid analyses. Whether it was religion-bashing, or race-baiting, or anti-Trump outbursts, 2017 proved one thing: The hosts at The View still haven’t gotten over the 2016 election and they are happy to let you know it.

Watch some of the nuttiest segments from 2017 below!




      1. Behar Cheers Fake Flynn Scoop; ‘Like Christmas!’

Host Joy Behar really thought this fake news scoop was the end for President Trump. Following ABC’s Brian Ross’s false report connecting candidate Trump to the Russians, Behar threw her hands up in the air and cheered, chanting “He goes to jail, he goes to jail!” to deafening applause from the audience.

      2. Americans Don’t Care About Puerto Rico ‘Because They’re Brown’

After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico in September, immediately after Hurricane Harvey had already struck Texas and Florida, host Sunny Hostin accused the American public and President Trump of not sending enough aid to the island because everyone’s racist.

      3. Hillary Clinton, ‘Most Qualified Candidate Ever,’ Lost Because of ‘White-Lash’

Hostin took another racist note from her friend, CNN’s Van Jones, by calling Clinton losing the election a “whitelash” against President Obama. After libertarian host Jedediah Bila called Clinton a bad presidential candidate, Hostin gushed in protest that she was “the most qualified candidate we’ve ever had!”

      4. #FakeNews: The Media Was More Biased Against Obama!

Whoopi slammed Trump complaining about the media’s bias claiming that President Obama had faced far worse treatment while he was in office.

      5. Liberals Lose More Jobs in Hollywood Than Conservatives Do…?

In another dumb analysis from the host, Whoopi struggled to come up with names of any famous conservatives in Hollywood, all the while claiming that liberals lose more jobs than conservatives do, in the heavily Democratic region.

      6. What’s the Difference Between Christians and the Taliban?

Just about every host said something idiotic in this segment about free birth control, claiming that Christians and Republicans were like the “Taliban” for wanting to “punish” women by taking away their free contraception.

      7. Maybe the Taliban started like Trump!

On that theme, Whoopi asked again, if Trump’s values were “really much different than the Taliban’s” because of how he “shuts up” the media. “That’s how they do it, the Taliban,” she urged.

      8. More Conspiracy Theories: Conservatives ‘Orchestrated’ Antifa So They ‘Could Bitch About It’

After the violence in Charlottesville, Whoopi denied ever hearing about the left-wing anarchist group “antifa” until then. She suggested that the right was “orchestrating” the violence coming from the left, so they could “bitch about it.”

      9. You Don’t Have to Learn How to Shoot a Gun to get a License!

In a discussion on gun control, Jedediah Bila argued that responsible licensed gun owners go through training to get a license, and approval to purchase firearms. Whoopi immediately shot down Bila, mocking her point. “You do know that to get a gun license you don’t actually have to learn how to shoot a gun?” she smirked.

      10. Libertarian Host Accused of Bias After She Points Out Obama, Clinton Lied Too

In another one of the contentious exchanges between former host Jedediah Bila and the rest of the panel that probably led to her firing, Bila argued that past presidents have laundry lists of lies just like Trump. This statement threw Sunny Hostin and Whoopi Goldberg into a rage. Whoopi then lectured Bila that she needed to “move outside her former job [at Fox News]” and see the truth.