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Many of Hollywood’s effete actors might be all for socialist, billionaire-busting 2020 candidates like Bernie Sanders or Liz Warren, but the guys who call the shots and foot the bill in the entertainment industry might be into a racist billionaire for president this year.

Proving once again that news media and Hollywood are the same propaganda arm of the Democrat party, Vox announced that singer/songwriter John Legend has taken an official position within the leftwing media outlet. The Hollywood Reporter wrote on Feb. 19 that Legend “is joining the board of directors at Vox Media.”

Presidents Day offered a couple Trump-deranged lefties the perfect opportunity to show off their talent for pettiness. Instead of focusing on the past presidents celebrated by the federal holiday -- like George Washington -- Trump haters like Kathy Griffin and Rob Reiner made the day about making fun of President Donald Trump on Twitter. The irony is, much of lefty Twitter tried to accuse the President of making the day about himself.

Daytime talk show host Wendy Williams quipped about how gay men will never understand what it’s like to menstruate and whaddaya know, the trans community forced her to walk it back with an apology.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, television network Freeform is here to remind us that media depictions of heterosexuality are so 2019. Grey’s Anatomy actor Jake Borelli spoke with TV Line about the new made-for-TV “crazy-cute gay Valentine” movie he’s starring in that premieres Saturday Feb. 15.


You would think that in the 30 minute limit that NBC Nightly News has each evening they’d focus on the most important topics of the day. Does the endearing story of a transgender 9-year-old qualify? On Wednesday, anchor Lester Holt and co. figured that dredging up the story of a transgender child would be primetime network gold. Well, it would certainly be the progressive virtue signal of the week, that’s for sure.

For the few folks still wondering why the Democrats are not doing so hot this election cycle, could it have anything to do with the fact that sham impeachments and drag queens are their priorities these days?

Comedian Samantha Bee is particularly perturbed by the existence of Dennis Prager and his online conservative media outfit “PragerU,” so much so that she devoted an entire spot segment of Full Frontal with Samantha Bee on TBS on Wednesday night to poke holes in his message.

Former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters’s billing at the SXSW music festival may is in jeopardy after his history of radical lefty and antisemitic activism. reported that several Jewish groups have called on the famous Austin, Texas, film and music festival folks to reconsider showcasing an interview with the legendary classic rock musician.

“Dora the Extorter?” “Exploited Development?” “How I Nagged Your Mother?” Whatever the eventual title, be afraid. Greta Thunberg is headed for TV. During the BBC Showcase on Feb. 10, the network announced production of a docu-series on the life and and propaganda of the Swedish Scold.

You know what they say about a broken clock being right twice a day. Actress and Weinstein accuser Rose McGowan is nine times out of ten an insufferable lefty, but she served up such a searing indictment of Hollywood hypocrisy that we’re going to cheer for her today.

 Seems like it’s time for Han Solo to get back into his carbonite bath for a cool-down. He’s old and crotchety these days, and gets kind of hot under the collar when he doesn’t get his way.


Horror-comedy film The Hunt has returned from cinema limbo, acquiring a release date after being postponed for its controversial politics in the wake of last year’s El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, shootings. Because the premise of the film revolved around rich “elites” rounding up middle American citizens -- or “deplorables” as several outlets characterized them -- and hunting them for sport, Universal Pictures suspended the movie’s release date. 

It must have seemed pretty cool to Bernie Sanders that the famous early 2000s-era band The Strokes are supporters and offered to play at a February 10 rally in Durham, New Hampshire. After all Bernie used to rock out to their boss sounds when he was a spry 50-something. What wasn’t cool -- at least to anyone not taken in by septuagenarian socialism, was when the band did an anti-New York police song just days after two NYPD cops had been targeted for murder.

Insult comic to the stars Ricky Gervais did what God put him on this earth to do during the Academy Awards: rebuke the sanctimonious Hollywood hypocrites via Twitter. Gervais pulled no punches with his social media jokes directed at pompous celebrities, calling them all “rich sex pests” and advising them that lecturing “everyday, hardworking people” won’t change much.

Hollywood directors refuse to draw a line between fantasy and reality anymore. Or maybe they really don’t have much to say when they come out from behind the camera, so they drop thoughtless pap they figure the rest of Hollywood wants to hear.


Hollywood awards acceptance speeches can be so political that sometimes you have to wonder, did they hire Obama’s speechwriter for this? What a crazy thought, right?  According to one Hollywood outlet however, this is precisely what happens nowadays. Just in time for the Oscars on Sunday, February 9, New York Magazine’s pop culture site, Vulture, revealed that there are in fact Democrat speechwriters penning pithy and political thank yous for Hollywood stars as they accept the industry’s awards.

Pop megastar Justin Bieber knows full well how toxic the Hollywood lifestyle can be. The 26-year-old singer revealed during an episode of his Youtube Premium docu-series “Justin Bieber: Seasons” that he has struggled with addiction since the age of 13.

The left’s best efforts at removing President Trump ended with an impeachment acquittal on Wednesday, Feb. 5, and the man had an off-the-cuff victory speech about beating the “vicious” Dems on Thursday. How do you think lefties in Hollywood were holding up?


Usually non-controversial talk show host Ellen DeGeneres showcased a bit more of her leftwing convictions during her interview with twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The two women discussed Trump’s acquittal by the Senate, which prompted several urgent questions from DeGeneres, who urged voters to do their job of ousting Trump so get the country “back on track.”