Gus from ‘Breaking Bad’ Demands Unvaxxed People Banish Themselves

October 8th, 2021 10:57 AM

Giancarlo Esposito is like the go-to TV villain these days, but now he’s kinda acting like one in real life. 

The actor behind Gustavo Fring from Breaking Bad and the main baddie of The Mandalorian is telling people who refuse to take the COVID-19 vaccine to remove themselves from society because they are basically endangering everyone else.

Come on, Giancarlo, didn’t you hear that everyone’s getting COVID, regardless of whether they took the jab or not? Perhaps Esposito isn’t as smart and cunning as his onscreen counterparts.

Anyways, the actor made his derogatory remarks in a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter. Apparently Esposito is no fan of personal freedom when it comes to intimate medical procedures, and can’t fathom that anyone would choose not to take the vaccine.

“If you don’t want to vaccinate, go to a small island and sequester yourself,” the actor told the outlet. But what about people who have COVID and are vaccinated? Shouldn’t they join them on that island?

He then made a sweeping judgment about each and every non-vaxxed person: “You’re saying ‘Fuck you’ to all you other human beings.” 

He then admitted to being a slave. “We all have to do it [get the vaccine] if we want to live.” Well if that’s what he thinks, then perhaps his assessment of non-vaxxed people makes sense. It’s clear that Esposito is living in extreme fear from the virus.

But really, does he not see that normal healthy people don’t necessarily die if they get COVID without a vaccine? The survival rate is still decently high for many people. According to a report from AP News, “98.2% of known COVID-19 patients in the U.S. survive.” Giancarlo is responsible for his own ignorance and fear-mongering regarding this issue.

So much for the impression that these fancy elite actors are more enlightened than us. 

Tragically, Esposito explained that he has lost friends to COVID-19. “I don’t understand how people don’t vaccinate. For me, I’ve lost dear friends, so I know it’s real. Not only in Europe but in America, friends who were completely healthy and uncompromised.” 

Again, even the medical establishment experts admit that the vaccine “may not prevent you from spreading the virus to others.”

Esposito added, “the vaccine is the answer. I’m not downing anyone who doesn’t want to vaccinate. Don’t work. Go ride it out somewhere where you’re not going to compromise anyone else if you get it.”

Mmhmm. Don’t work, eh? I guess that’s easy for Esposito to say. Though not everyone can sit on their ass for two years because of that Breaking Bad money.