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The Daily Beast is bashing a Vogue interview with Kendall Jenner for “coming out” as heterosexual. Because, you know, that’s the “default sexuality.”

Roger Waters certainly has a talent for the haunting and the enigmatic, it’s a trademark of his Pink Floyd classics and his more recent and unfortunate political artistry. In a creepy new music video, Waters partners with Palestinian musicians and features poetry about Native Americans from the the Palestinian “national poet.” It’s all to show disgust with Donald Trump’s U.S. Embassy move to Jerusalem.

Racism is evil and it should be spotlighted and shamed whenever and wherever it manifests. Unless doing so would be awkward for Democrats. Then, just move along, nothing to see here. Louis Farrakhan is brazenly anti-Semitic and proud of it?

Some social media critics have been pondering whether Bruno Mars really deserved Album of the Year at 2018’s Grammy’s. Though, this discussion didn’t revolve around the actual quality or mass-appeal of his record, but on identity politics, and whether his win was predicated on dreaded “white supremacy.”

We’ve heard lots of assertions from the media about who Trump voters are: poorly-educated, racist, and authoritarian-leaning. Now Salon is adding to the rich stock of disdaining assumptions. The Trump-voting conservative, says the site, is a washed-up, lonely loser whose disconnect from reality and the rest of society inspired him to spite the democratic process. Might they add he can’t get a girlfriend. 

If you thought the 2018 Oscars was an insufferable parade of identity politics complaints, wait until next year’s Grammys! The Recording Academy has just announced it has hired Michelle Obama’s former chief of staff, Tina Tchen, as its own personal diversity consultant.

Climate Depot’s Marc Morano, dubbed a “climate killer” by Rolling Stone, is upsetting eco-extremists again. Morano has a new book that has quickly climbed the bestseller list on Amazon. Currently, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Climate Change is first place in four categories: Climatology, Earth Sciences, Environmental Science & Nature, and Ecology.

The ongoing legal debate over a World War I memorial in Maryland has just entered a crucial phase. The American Legion, in its effort to preserve the monument after an appeals court deemed its existence illegal, is taking the fight to SCOTUS. This is dramatic news for the monument censorship debate, and potentially a watershed moment for sweeping historical revisionism nationwide. However, none of the major networks seem to care.

Morning-after media coverage of the 90th Oscars proves just how politicized the entertainment industry has become and how much the Fourth Estate is on board. The Washington Post’s top headlines for Monday was were all concerned with how political -- or non-political -- the preening celebrity circus was.

If it’s not outright gun control then it’s not helpful. Clearly, Jason Chaffetz did not get the memo, when he encouraged survivors of the Parkland school shooting to find faith in “Jesus.” Luckily, Salon was on hand to condemn any sort of goodwill that didn’t include instituting government policy.


Gender roles are a getting a makeover, literally. The “Beauty Boys” of Instagram are here to show society that traditional gender concepts are a thing of the past. For those of you struggling with trying to live up to the pressures of cis-kind, don’t worry, these boys believe that “make-up is for everyone.”


The writers at Slate believe that the movie version of Fahrenheit 451 portrays a book-burning, right-wing dystopia. If only they could smell the irony.

If your business plan is to find a dark corner of the internet marketplace and sell kitschy anti-Trump art etched in sadness, then you’re too late. Rosie O’Donnell has beat you there.

An almost down-to-earth celebrity discussed the hypocrisy of celebrity opinions with the Daily Beast, and then went on to give his own hypocritical celebrity opinion.

Yet another out-of-touch, featherweight, Hollywood sycophant is offering his opinion on US politics. Actor Andrew Garfield (star of Hacksaw Ridge and The Amazing Spider Man) has been promoting himself for his role in Broadway’s gay extravaganza, a remake of the 1980’s cult-classic, Angels in America.

For liberals still mourning the Obamas’ departure from the White House, there’s good news; Michelle has been writing a book about her time as first lady. It’s a perfect addition to any progressive’s coffee table, right next to that tear-stained copy of What Happened by Hillary.

Once again, Hollywood liberals are crying “Hate Speech!” in an effort to get Second Amendment supporters in the media to shut up.

Oh Washington Post, if you weren’t so wrong, how would we ever know what’s right?

At his passing on Wednesday, sensible people fondly remember Billy Graham. But to the progressive fanatics at The Guardian, bringing millions to Christ and the comfort of religion counts for nothing. He never cared about climate change or sought big government policies as a solution to America’s problems.

Christianity is routinely mocked by the media. So when they show only reverence for a Christian televangelist, that’s no small feat.