‘FABULOUS!’ Insane Jamie Lee Curtis BOWS before Biden/Harris ‘Dream Team’

August 12th, 2020 1:01 PM

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis has been doing the rounds to promote yet another horror classic and no we’re not talking the latest Halloween reboot. Curtis joined the The Late Late Show with James Corden to promote something even more terrifying than slasher Michael Myers: A Joe Biden/Kamala Harris presidential ticket.

Cue the screeching violins and the lightning. 

Corden introduced the Hollywood veteran to his studio audience on August 11 and of course they began their interview with only the most scintillating conversation about “toilet paper” (that’s called glamor, people!) As if that wasn’t cringe worthy enough, both useful idiots began talking about how “fabulous” it is that everyone’s least favorite 2020 presidential candidate Kamala Harris is now the left’s favorite VP nominee.

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden announced Harris as his running mate earlier that afternoon and Hollywood went wild to get the dream “woman of color” candidate they were promised. Corden teed Curtis up to gush about the former San Fran District Attorney, saying, “Big news today. Joe Biden has chosen Kamala Harris…” “Big news!” Curtis interjected because she was so enthusiastic about Biden’s choice.

“Big news.” she declared again, adding, “Fabulous!” And this was before the host could even finish asking her “What are your thoughts on the decision?” 

To that she replied, “Fantastic news! The best choice! We need leadership and we need leadership that people already know.” Oh people know, Jamie. Again, Kamala didn’t drop out in the early stages of the 2020 presidential race because people weren’t paying attention. She then ramped up the stakes, “We only have – what? – under three months to the election? This is a choice of leadership.”

Curtis added, “And if we need anything in this country right now, it’s leadership and Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are a dream team.” Well, I guess if you’re a radical lefty hell bent on taking political power by force via a bloodthirsty, conservative-hating former prosecutor who will probably step in to fill the presidential shoes that senile Joe Biden will mostly be pretending to wear, then yes this a “dream team.” 

As National Review’s Kevin Williamson put it, Harris represents left wing “authoritarianism.” She has a history of using the law as a prosecutor to go after her political enemies like she’s done with conservative orgs like anti-climate change agenda group Americans for Prosperity and the pro-life Center For Medical Progress. She was California’s Attorney General during the trial to have its president David Daleiden prosecuted for recording footage of Planned Parenthood employees discussing selling aborted baby body parts, with reports saying Harris colluded with the abortion mill to punish Daleiden.

She has shown her commitment to the deepest of leftwing conspiracies and power grabs, especially during moments like the Kavanaugh hearings, where she was one of the leading Democrats in pursuit of shredding the truth to prevent a pro-life judge from sitting on the Supreme Court. 

Her prosecutorial record also shows that Harris has put away hundreds, maybe thousands of people in jail, and there’s evidence that she has risked wrongful convictions in several instances for the sake suiting “her agenda.”

There’s plenty more that’s bad about Kamala but the point is, the current moment is full of leftwing aggression and intimidation. You can see it in the news media, social media, and you see it in the violence of the streets, which is tacitly enforced by corrupt Dem leaders. Someone as power hungry and left-leaning as Harris might be a fitting inquisitor for the left’s current totalitarian takeover. Perhaps her and Biden make the progressive “dream team” after all.