IDEOLOGICAL POSSESSION: Jessica Chastain Posts Creepy Vid With Her Kamala Harris ‘Doll’

August 12th, 2020 4:28 PM

Hollywood certainly is enthusiastic about Kamala Harris being Joe Biden’s Vice Presidential choice, though some celebrities have taken the joy of the moment a little too far. 

There have been gushing posts about how the ticket represents what real America looks like, or how the Kamala pick has inspired tears of “joy” among grown men in the film industry. But none are as weird or as creepy as actress Jessica Chastain’s reaction to the announcement on Tuesday.

Chastain, the 43-year old actress from films like Interstellar and Molly’s Game put out a bizarre video on social media in response to the Harris pick. In the 15 second clip, a deranged and slightly disheveled Chastain showcased a collection of dolls representing modern female political leaders. You know, they sell novelty Ruth Bader Ginsburg action figures, for example, and apparently Chastian, or Chastain’s daughter as she maintained, is one of the few poor souls who actually bought one.

Oh it’s her “daughter’s,” is it? Sure thing. 

In fact, from the video it looked as if Jessica (or her “daughter”) bought the entire line of female, pant-suit-wearing, political hero action figures. In the clip, Chastain began by muttering into the camera, “A lot of kids play with Marvel characters and Barbies and you know, that’s fine,” she then declared, “My kid, she plays with superheroes,” as she flashed a shot of several of these dolls including Hillary Clinton, Ginsburg, Elizabeth Warren and the doll for the lady of the hour herself, Kamala Harris.

It was something else. 

Chastain held her Kamala Harris doll out right in front of the camera and said in a hauntingly strange, childlike voice, “Hello, Madam Vice President.”

After addressing the Harris doll as if it were alive and as if it were a shoe-in for the office of VP, (which is equally crazy), Chastain somehow made it even weirder. Holding her “superhero,” she flashed a strangely inhuman smile, prompting every viewer to truly wonder whether there was anybody home in the mind of the movie star. 

Chastain captioned her video, tweeting, “Queen Veep <3, @JoeBiden choose @KamalaHarris as his running mate and me & my kid are HERE FOR IT.” Yes, well isn’t that precious? The former California Attorney General, who was very tough on crime to the point of being accused of being harsh on small time offenders, and a prosecutor who used the law to go after her political enemies, is the idol of deranged Hollywood people, who then force that on their young kids.

Which again, is just so inconsistent. Chastain recently shared a video from black supremacist and anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan. Apparently his ideas resonated with her and with her support for Black Lives Matter. They want police to go bye-bye. So is Hollywood tough on crime or not?