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Songwriter Donovan Woods feels as though country music needs a progressive, pro-LGBTQ update and that fans just need to put up with it. He hopes his new pro-gay music video will get the ball rolling. Might I suggest he find a new line of work.

One would think that a rational and unified stance in the wake of tragedy would be the best start for healing and prevention, except the left seems to want none of it.

Gregg Popovich really appreciates Black History Month, and he wants Americans to focus on how racist this country still is. On Monday, after a game between the San Antonio Spurs and the Utah Jazz, the Spurs head coach was asked about how the NBA was promoting Black History Month.

Proverbial crazy old liberal, Ed Asner thinks he’s a real funny guy. On Tuesday morning, Asner took to twitter to try out an outlandish joke. He shared a recent National Geographic report on a poacher who was devoured by lions at a game reserve in South Africa last Friday. Not being able to resist, the former president of the Screen Actors’ Guild asked the twitterverse if anyone had seen Eric or Donald Trump Jr. lately, implying that they were the victims of the mauling. Wow, you really showed those conservatives, you crazy old coot.

Here’s a surprise: an effete writer for the New Yorker is uncomfortable with patriotism, guns and the kind of men who join the military. So as you might imagine, Anthony Lane isn’t wild about Clint Eastwood’s new movie.

Conservative media platform PragerU is suing Google this week over allegations of its educational videos being censored. The company has had 40 of its videos censored by the information and tech giant since October of last year, and believes it’s time to fight the corporation on its extreme violation of free speech laws.

If there’s one topic conservative Americans need to be relentlessly hit on the head with, it’s that they aren’t doing enough to understand that immigrants are the fabric of America. The talk of border security and proper paths of citizenship is dangerously prevalent today. Don’t worry though, the androids over at Apple will be helping with some cultural oversight.

More controversy has erupted between Mike Pence and another openly gay U.S. athlete at this winter’s Olympic games, all in the name of tolerance and homosexual acceptance. It’s one small step for gays, and one giant, exasperated “Oh, shut up!” for the rest of normal America.

The world’s bloodiest, most ruthless dictator is sending his sister to Pyeongchang for the Winter Olympics this week, and Donald Kirk at the Daily Beast finds it, in a word, “charming.”

On Tuesday, ThinkProgress reported that Walgreens had just released a chain-wide policy of allowing all customers to use the bathroom of their choice, or “restroom facilities that correspond to the individual’s gender identity, regardless of the individual's sex assigned at birth.”

Olympic freeskier Gus Kenworthy is confused as to why a sitting U.S. vice president is the head of America’s Olympic Delegation for the 2018 Winter games, and he told Ellen Degeneres that Mike Pence was a “strange choice” for the position.

Coke is woke, and gosh darn it, we’ve all got to know about it! Coca Cola’s new ad, “The Wonder of Us,” aired during Super Bowl LII. The 60-second spot immediately came out out with the usual diversity happy talk. “Better world, bridging continents, yadda yadda.” However, this time Coca Cola went a little further in terms of diversification, providing a not so subtle subtle nod to the trannie trend, er, ‘non-binary’ community.

Canada, continuing to add to its reputation as the land of sensitivity training, is about to make its National anthem abide by the dogma of inclusivity.

It’s no question that the liberal media love to lament that Trump’s election was armageddon and that Americans are currently living in some dystopian wasteland. In an effort to spread and cash in on this narrative, Hollywood is spending millions of dollars on another propaganda piece -- a MAGA-themed installment of the horror franchise, The Purge.

Newsbusters’ Tim Graham maintains that The Washington Post’s “Acts of Faith” section should be called “Trolling the Believers.” Here’s reason 7,493 why.

In a move that was strange and downright infuriating to many liberals, Bill Nye the Science Guy attended the State of The Union Address as a guest of Republican Congressman, Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma. Many on the left consider Nye, a climate change evangelist and general liberal activist, to be betraying his values by attending the event with the Trump-backed congressman.


Somebody’s rose-tinted glasses slipped off his nose for a moment, and we heard actual mainstream criticism of Her Holiness, Hillary Clinton. In a rare turn of events, Daily Show host Trevor Noah went from defending failed-candidate Clinton’s appearance at the Grammy Awards, to criticizing her role in a recently revealed sexual abuse coverup from 2008.

If you’re a proud genderqueer mother or father and are looking for stimulating children’s programming, look no further. “Queer Kid Stuff” is just the show for you. However if you're someone with a tighter grip on reality, who sometimes worries about what your kids access online, then this might be your new waking nightmare.

No, folks, there is really nothing to see here, according to the liberal media. But, if you would like to tear off your blindfold and see some of the real cultural implications of radical Islam on Christians, look no further than the rural parts of Nigeria during the last couple of months.

Surprise! There’s yet another group of showbiz women to unfollow this year. It seems Broadway is just as reflexively liberal as Hollywood, and a bunch of stage starlets are showing their their solidarity with the abortion factory-operators at Planned Parenthood.