Season three of CBS All-Access's The Good Fight is off and running with the issue of sexual harassment and the #MeToo movement. In the episode that aired March 14 titled “The One About the Recent Troubles," President Trump’s alleged scandals involving women other than his wife are brought into the mix.

The upcoming season of CBS’s The Good Fight will feature an episode on impeaching Trump. So, naturally, the drama got some pre-hype on Tuesday’s CBS This Morning. Co-host Gayle King marveled, “You talk about white supremacy, referring to the President of the United States. You talk about racial injustice.” She cheered, “It really pushes the envelope.” 

On Monday's Early Show, CBS's Terrell Brown spotlighted Tinseltown discontent with President Obama, citing an unnamed Hollywood executive who lamented the Democrat is 'not the idealistic guy we thought he would be." However, the three actors Brown turned to who are regulars on CBS programming all heartily endorsed Mr. Obama: "I'm going to do everything I can to help him. He's a really good guy."

Anchor Chris Wragge noted in his introduction for the correspondent's report that the President is "going to Hollywood for a fundraiser next week. But what kind of reception he will receive, now that some of Hollywood's most liberal voices are questioning him more than ever before?" Brown picked up where Wragge left off: "For a town used to measuring success and box office numbers, Hollywood is down on President Obama and his sagging poll numbers."