CBS Streaming Show: Trump Won Because Voting Machines Were Hacked in Black Districts

April 26th, 2019 12:23 AM

The Resistance is still having a really hard time accepting the fact that President Trump won the 2016 presidential election fair and square. Now that the Mueller report has been released and concluded that there was no collusion between the Russians and Trump’s campaign, a different narrative has to emerge.

In the April 25 episode of CBS All-Access’s The Good Fight, titled "The One Where Diane and Liz Topple Democracy," the narrative is that election machines in black districts were hacked in 2016. When a vote was cast for Hillary Clinton or Democrats down the ballot, the votes were shown as votes for Trump and Republicans. The story goes that the districts Trump won by a small number of votes came from computer software malware in the voting machines.

Rachelle Max (Kate Shindle), a member of the Book Club, the resistance group that includes Diane Lockhart Christine Baranski) and Liz Reddick Lawrence (Audra McDonald), brings the law firm a potential class action case involving the 2016 election. The client, Mona, is a black woman who voted for Hillary Clinton yet her ballot read that she voted for Trump, or so she says.

Rachelle and the Book Club convince Diane and Liz to encourage the law firm to take the case. Diane pushes back, to her credit, but Liz is all gung-ho because she is certain that black voters are screwed out of their voting rights even today because of evil Republican shenanigans. She tells Diane, "At some point, these stories become more than just anecdotes. There’s something bigger. This democracy you talk about doesn’t exist for a lot of us."

In court, the software used in the voting machines becomes an issue when it is requested as part of discovery by the Book Club via Diane. The Resistance wants to use malware to “correct” the software so Democrats win in 2020. Though Diane points out that this is an authoritarian move, the group doesn’t care. The ends justify the means, you see.

The judge who is considering the validity of the class action lawsuit is accused of being on the take by Diane and another senior partner, an accusation the judge denies. When the lawyers are next in court, the judge dismisses the lawsuit with prejudice for lack of evidence - so, the case can’t be relitigated.

Diane Lockhart is no longer the voice of reason by the episode’s end. As she watches the Resistance’s hacker install the malware into the voting machines’ software she tells the group she wants to be the one to “push the button” to activate it when it’s ready.

So, one way or the other the left is diligently promoting the conspiracy trope that Trump only won the 2016 election because he benefited from voting machine hacking. Who knows what next week will bring? This show has been renewed for next season so there will no doubt be plenty of scrambling to justify the reason for the series – to prove that Donald Trump is an illegitimate president.