On Thursday's CNN Newsroom, Pamela Brown spotlighted how Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was "sparking controversy during a hearing of a high-profile affirmative action case." Brown noted that Scalia "seemed to suggest that some African-Americans might do better in lesser colleges," and pointed out how "some feel like he was using to it make his own argument. And Twitter ignited — no surprise there — one Tweet thread calling for his impeachment."

Appearing as a guest on the 6:00 p.m. hour of Wednesday's MSNBC Live, Dorian Warren of the Roosevelt Institute -- a recurring MSNBC guest -- suggested that conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia believes blacks are "genetically inferior in terms of their brain power" as he gave his reactions to some of Justice Scalia's recent arguments against affirmative action in higher education admissions.

Okay, Scream Queens crossed a line. No, not the normal line of bisexual/lesbian sexual experimentation that ends in love then in tragedy as a caped marauder decapitates one of the experimenters in a bathtub. Oh no, that line has been crossed and re-crossed about 47 times in the two months that the show has been on the air.

Appearing on Tuesday's New Day, CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin renewed his lambasting of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, as he asserted that Scalia's dissent on the Court's gay marriage ruling was "unprecedented in its vitriol." The CNN analyst saw the conservative justice showing "abuse and contempt" for his fellow justices. Toobin also repeated his characterization of Justice Scalia as the "'get off my lawn' justice."

When the Left erupted in outrage over the Supreme Court decision on campaign financing in Citizens United, they never thought their resistance to the result could be described as “treason.” But that’s not the way they’re playing on the new gay-pleasing decisions.

At The Daily Beast, contributor and gay activist Jay Michaelson asked “Did The Four Dissenting Justices In Gay Marriage Case Just Suggest Treason? The conservative justices’ incendiary dissents in Obergefell are a shocking betrayal of judicial responsibility.”

Last year, The Washington Post gave a gay activist named Steven Petrow a regular column called “Civilities.” This quickly became a farce, since Petrow was a fan of outing...and Dan Savage.

The original conceit was that this gay Mr. Manners was going to explain to the readers how to negotiate the Brave New World of mangled pronouns and how to address gay newlyweds on your Christmas cards and so on. Instead, Petrow often just pounds the table complaining about the slow pace of the “revolution.” On Saturday, he wrote a trash-talking column about “The Supreme Court’s Sore Losers.”

On Friday, ABC's World News Tonight aired a completely one-sided report on the Supreme Court's ruling that legalized same-sex "marriage" in all 50 states. Terry Moran hyped how Justice Anthony Kennedy "wrote today's landmark opinion describing the stakes in this case in the loftiest terms." Moran failed to include any soundbites from social conservative opponents of the decision, and hyped how "Justice Scalia, in a rage, scorning Kennedy's poetic opinion as little more than a 'fortune cookie.'"

Conservatives are accustomed to admiring the work and deploring the politics of artists like Bruce Springsteen and Stephen King. Michael Tomasky wrote Thursday that some liberals have had roughly similar feelings about Antonin Scalia, but that’s over now because of Scalia’s dissent in King v. Burwell, which was devoid of the justice’s usual “writerly flair and intellectual acumen.”

“It long ago became a kind of fetish, the anticipation of reading Scalia’s opinions,” remarked Tomasky. “There was always an excess of intellectual and moral certitude, to be sure, but there was also wit and a kind of joyfulness of battle whether he was on the winning or losing side…But that was then. This decision is something else again. Here, there is no wit. There is just bile. As you read along you can veritably see his carotid artery pulsing, growing; smell the sweat flopping out of the pores...The law lives, and he is livid.”

During CNN's live coverage of the Supreme Court ruling mandating the nationwide legality of same-sex marriage, CNN's senior legal analyst, Jeffrey Toobin, repeatedly made cracks about Antonin Scalia, dubbing the conservative Supreme Court Justice as the "'get off my lawn' justice," and asserting that there was "outward bigotry" in a dissenting opinion Justice Scalia gave back in 2003 on a gay rights-related case.

After the first broadcast network special reports on Friday morning about the Supreme Court’s decision to approve gay marriage, they returned hours later to gush after President Obama’s remarks how “eloquently” he spoke and pronounce him to be “the America of tomorrow” as an “angry” Antonin Scalia comes to grips with the news that “his side” of “the culture battle” “has lost.” ABC News correspondent Terry Moran hyped after the President’s speech how “Scalia is angry again” by having “cast scorn” on the majority ruling in his dissenting opinion. 

Despite getting a favorable ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court on the ObamaCare case King v. Burwell, MSNBC’s Now host Alex Wagner couldn’t help but take issue with Justice Antonin Scalia as a Justice and the “bitterness and the vitriol” he employed in his dissent. She lamented that it “revealed a deeply emotional, partisan core that informs Scalia's decision making.”

If you doubt that Christians are fair game for ridicule by the cultural left, take a look at the hit piece on Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia by Jeffrey Tayler for Salon.